That Tim Tebow Commerical

It seems to be old news now, but perhaps you haven't heard: Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam Tebow are slotted to do a pro-life commerical ad during the Super Bowl. I have not seen the commericial. None of the public has, but all seem to be talking, critiquing and jabbering as if they have seen it. I guess Tiger is way old news, Mike Leach and his job are still in legal battles, college football is long over, and any news concerning Tim Tebow seems to be just that: news.

I read a columnist perspective on the whole ordeal in The Washington Post the other day, it's short. I recommend reading it. It took reading this to realize what angers me about the battle hype and those who are fighting to get the commerical not to air.

It's a commerical. Less than 30seconds. During the Super Bowl. The National Organization for Women wants to fight for obvious reasons, they disagree with a pro-life stance. I disagree with their fight. This is not about pro-life or pro-choice. Planned Parenthood has a commericial slotted to air as well and I say "Go for it." This is the beauty of the country we live in, is it not? Fighting Tim and Pam Tebow on sharing their personal story of how choosing life has directly effected them seems to be a waste of time. It seems an easy target for any Women's Right organization. It has all the likings of a fight: abortion rights, male spokesman, outspoken Christ-follower. Their red flags go up and they fight. It's what they're fighting for I'm unclear about. Women? One only needs to watch one run of commericals during the SuperBowl or any NFL game for that matter to see the high percentage of commercials that violate the beauty and respect a woman deserves. If they were fighting those, I would get it.

I'm a college football fan. I'm a sports fan. I'm a Tim Tebow fan. I was a Tim Tebow fan when he still looked 14, only took snaps in the red zone when the Gators needed a score. I was a fan before his speech that now sits scripted in front of Florida's stadium. I was a fan before his bloody mouth.

The commercial should be aloud to air. It represents more than just pro-life. The commerical represents a young man with integrity who is not afraid to make hard choices and stand by what he believes to be truth. It represents a relationship between a mother and son that is positive, authentic, and powerful. It represents the power of a platform: football, in a country that pursues freedom. I will be glad to watch it. After all, it's certain to be sandwiched between inappropriately dressed girls dancing in men's shaving cream commericals. I will be glad to point out Tim Tebow to my boys.

Again, I encourage you to read this article. If I could formulate my thoughts on the ad and Tim Tebow more eloquently, I would say this.


  1. Well, one things for sure, the group going against this commercial has now made sure the commercial's point has been known. They may somehow get the commercial to not air, and that would indeed be sad, but either way - all the hype increases all the publicity the commercial was hoping for. So now, if it does air, I bet everyone's eyeballs will be zoomin' in - because with all this hype - really who'd want to miss it!


  2. Give yourself credit, friend. Beautifully articulated.

  3. You could be a column writer for some newspaper somewhere.... you are a column writer, this was a good read!!! And..... I don't even watch sports!


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