Simple Happenings

We've been busy with all sorts of tasks lately. Here's Little Boy actually being quite grumpy and refusing (still!) to work with me on any photo shots. It's been over a year since I've caught a shot of him that I feel actually captures who he is. Full of life this one, except when a camera is out.

And Big Boy, always stops and smiles for me. Catching him candid is more of a trick.

And there's always time for graham crackers.....
No, Baby Boy's hair is not red or even has a red tint to it. The sunlight hit just the right angle here I guess. He does have very dark hair, the darkest of any of the boys. And.....
building a swingset. My heroic husband tore this puppy down bit by bit, only to rebuild it. There was much teamwork.
And just plain enjoyment. Baby Boy found the slide on the ground much more to his liking than bolted up high.

I had a few other pics in mind to share, but doggonit if I haven't been loading pics to post for over an hour. I don't know how some of you load so many pics on a daily basis for posting. I either am totally missing a key shortcut step, or just really low on patience, or just have a very slow old computer, or need to move over to wordpress, or I just don't know.

I do know, it is bedtime.


  1. Little Boy's looks are changing. Cutie:) I can share with you how I post photos if you want.


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