House or Home

I have many days where our new house is a home. It's warm. A candle burning. Furniture in place. Beds made. Dinner ready and hot. Laundry done. Shoes put away. A front rug (finally!) at the door.

Then there are days where this house is still just a house. Wood. Carpet. Furniture. A sink. A tub. A toilet. Beds. It doesn't feel like home. It feels messy. I have nothing hung in any room. Every single wall is the exact same color. My laundry room has exploded. The organized mudd room I finally got around to, well, organizing is disorganized. I can't find the tape. Do we even have tape? I've forgotten to shower for a couple days, cause it seems like I just can't shower and get ready until this house becomes a home. Then I remember, I need to shower. At this rate, it could be months.

Home. I like the home days. The boys and I sit. We play. We read. We laugh. We paint. We imagine. We explore. Their toys are out to play, play, play....all day. Then as tired eyes and hearts close in, we place them all back in their place. Bathtime comes and goes with little effort. Wet heads snuggle in close as books are read. Bedtime begins and one last hug ends. Off to sleep.

It's as if I'm Dorothy spinning round and round in this house, then suddenly it lands with a boom. I'm still grasping my bearings where exactly we landed and gripping patience as we push forward to make a home. Friends. Gathering. Laughing. Still missing ingredients in our home.

We had a beautiful snow adventure last week. It was nothing but home during those moments. The Husband is drenched in books right now studying his new aircraft. He received a 2 day break perfectly placed during the Snow Adventure. 9 inches. I'm planning a post all about it. Just can't seem to get around to uploading those pictures.

Home surrounds the boys every day. Home is in their hearts. It's in togetherness of the family. Home is eating dinner playing 'I spy.' Home is their bunk beds. Home is Honey Nut Cheerioes. Home is their PJs and blankets. Home is hugs. Home is love.

I look at them and I am home. I see the Husband enter through the door and I am home. My house days are becoming fewer. And slowly, we are home.


  1. Julie,
    Your post is beautiful, just as you are inside and out! : )
    Love and miss you.

  2. I can so relate these days. The snow must have been a great diversion!


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