Five on Friday

I considered myself tagged by my friend who is committed to Five on Friday posts. I have a few random snippets of life to record and share. I figured there's no time like the present to jump on the wagon.

1. I've been working on a piece of wall art for Baby Boy's room. It still needs quite a bit touching up and a layer of gloss, but I'm pleased with it so far. The majority of his room will be red and turquoise. As one could only imagine, I'm very bored of just blue as a choice in a boys' room. I have a long term vision to learn to quilt, then quilt specifically boys' twin bedspreads that are dynamic and fun. It is possible to decorate without blue. Why not red and orange? Or turquoise?


2. Speaking of Baby Boy, he loves to read. If I didn't have laundry, dinner, and kindergarten work to do, he would sit and read books with me all day. The boy can charm you with his smile, has yet to clearly say any words, uses the potty, and is never without a book in hand. I propped him up here at the table the other day while I was working on dinner. He loved it. Basket of books to his right and a clear view of Momma.


3. Speaking of that table. Let me introduce our newest member of furniture: school/work/art/craft/anything but eating table. Isn't it lovely? Our current home is the first home we've been graciously provided that has space for 2 tables. When we eat breakfast and lunch everyday with all children, then switch to schooling, art, or play-doh. It was getting exhausting. Not to mention when we had dinner guests over and our only place of dining together was next to the sight word wall, basic readers, and math flash cards. No biggie really, but I'll gladly take the extra space. So $50 later through a Craigslist dealio, we have our table. No eating please.


4. Big Boy has started playing soccer. It's just so fun to watch. He loves it. Like most things Big Boy attempts, he cried and sobbed and then cried some more when we told him about soccer. But then as his first practice drew near, he was more and more excited and anticipating great fun. He arrived. Ran right out on the field, then never quit kicking, running, and listening to exactly what his coach was teaching. First game tomorrow. In his word, "It's going to rock!"

5. For the first time in 4 locations, I have thoroughly enjoyed church shopping. Every week, we are intensely blessed with meeting beautiful people doing His work where He's planted them. We are still unsure of where our new local church will be, but know in His time we will find it. Until then, I look forward to continually peaking through windows at what God is doing through people here in buildings, homes, and hearts.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Welcome to 5 on Friday. You did it beautifully! I realize we have the same goal, making twin comforters. I would like to make some for the girls for their new room. I'm excited! Also, going out of the box and not doing pink. I'm pinked out already!

  2. Love the art work, very cool! I can't BELIEVE how big baby boy is!! Wow. LOVE the new "multi-purpose" table.

    Hey, I keep forgetting to ask you what finds you found at Ikea?! We made the trip to the Pittsburgh one and did some damage!

    And, last, YAY for your big boy soccer player! Can't wait to see some pictures of those games! Love to all!

  3. Your creativity is amazing! Love the table and totally miss those rookie years on the soccer field!

  4. I am jealous of your table :)

    Love the wall art! I'm about to repaint my big boys' room and you've definitely inspired me to think creatively!

  5. It's almost Friday again!!!!! I can't wait to hear about the big Five on Friday, and I do hope it includes those precious grandboys of mine!


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