Yes, No.

Yes, I have not blogged in over 45 days.

Yes, I missed you.

Yes, we have moved. New house. New city. New climate. Looking for a few new friends.

No, we really don't live in the city. Although the Husband and I ventured downtown into our nearby city. Went to the culture district. It was nice. We ate at a very hip upscale grocery store that had its own cafe on the side. It was impressive. What was even more impressive was the massive amount of outdoor seating right next to a small playground area. Suh-weeeet. The Husband and I observed that almost everyone in the place was fast-paced urban singles or newly marrieds fresh out of work in their work-our clothes. We of course we're on a date, sitting exhausted from moving, enjoying our food, and loving pretending that we, too, are urban and hip.

But No, we're not.

Yes, we have been without the world, I mean internet, for 9 straight days.

No, we are not unpacked, but have made strong strides. We've officially been in our house for 8 days and are without a doubt more unpacked and functioning than we've ever been in previous moves.

Yes, the boys miss their previous lives dearly. Their friends. Their parks. Their room. Their library. Their sidewalks. All that's familiar, they do miss and at times we are unsure if they completely comprehend we're not going back. So we hug them lots, pray with them and know soon they won't ask about 'home' quite as much and start to have memories here.

No, moving never gets easier just more tolerable.

Yes, I can't wait to put pictures up on the wall. Just doesn't quite feel like home to me till we have the walls graced with family memories and sayings that prompt family, friends, and neighbors to gather in love.

Yes, we thoroughly enjoy our new home, but looking more forward to enjoying new people.


  1. Yayy! So happy you're "home" friend! Wish I could take some fresh pictures of those boys for you to don your new walls. Love and miss you, friend!

  2. So glad you're started on settling in. I think you're going to like this new work life for B. And I'm sure in time your new digs will suit you, too. Happy settling in.

  3. So glad to be able to keep up with you via your blog! Been praying for you...that you have peace until the chaos of unpacking and finding a home for everything is complete. Glad you're enjoying your new home. Will pray friends come quickly. Miss you guys already!

  4. yay! glad you're back, i've missed you! also happy to hear that the move went well and you are all beginning to settle in. :) hugs and kisses to all!

  5. We enjoyed our visit and helping you to get started on settling in... You will definitley meet new dogs! Oh and the horse and pony in the back yard!

    We enjoyed seeing your new life and pray you will find new friends, new church.... and all things new.... along with getting more settled in as the days pass. Can't wait to visit again and see the window treatments and those special walls you found to be graced with your memories!

    Hugs and Love and Prayers. Mom

  6.'s great to see you on here! Thanks for visiting.

  7. Yay! You're back! Good to hear about the house, you and all your boys. Can't wait to talk more.

    I like how you said moves don't get easier but more tolerable. Keeping that in mind, as it's our turn next.


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