Car Conversation

Big Boy: Mom, I think we need to sell our house.
Mom: What don't you like about your house?
Big Boy: I like our house, but I need lots of money so I can buy the Hot Rod I want.
Mom: Then where would we sleep?
Big Boy: (silence)
LIttle Boy: Yea, B, I like our house. I dont' want to sell it.
Mom: Maybe when you're 15, you can get a job, make money, save money, and buy the Hot Rod you want.
Little Boy: I want a dragster.
Big Boy: Okay, yea, I think I'll build hotels. L, do you want to work together and build hotels? I'll build them, you look for land to build them on.
Little Boy: Yea, yea, I'll bring my shovel. I have a red shovel in the garage.
Big Boy: NOOOOOOOOOO! You can't build a whole hotel with a shovel. You need a bulldozer.
Little Boy: Oh. I'll use the bulldozer. DEER SIGN! DEER SIGN!
Big Boy: Where? Oh. I see it. Don't hit any deer, mom.
Mom: Thank you.


  1. This is a great conversation--I like how it ended abruptly with the spotting of a deer sign--never take your eyes off the road, boys.

    Today Garrett set up an OJ stand on his street, so maybe B can talk to him about financing the hotel endeavor.

  2. I can hear it all so it. Thanks for making me smile. And maybe they will build some great things together one day.

  3. LOVE This post! I love how B knows the basics of building! They are the best! Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Could Mase get in on this action? I think he would be a great partner. look forward to the day our boys will play together:)


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