Tuesday Thoughts in a List Format

  • Yesterday playing outside Big Boy insisted I help him tie a rope to the seat of his bike, then connect the other end of the rope to the seat of Little Boy's bike....then they would play tug of war, except on their bikes. I said,"No, that sounds dangerous, but you can try if you'd like." This is my typical response to most of their ideas. It just works out better to let them follow through, try, and observe consequences on their own. So, 40 seconds later there's Big Boy biking down the sidewalk dragging Little Boy's bike by a rope, with Little Boy left in the dust laying face down on the sidewalk. Big Boy dismounts his bike and says, "That was dangerous."

  • I'm busy gathering Jesse Tree Project ornaments. I decided to order the devotional book. There are quite a few options for purchase. Hardbook cover. The one I choose was only $10.99. This way, it'll last for years to come and saves me time and paper. I'm longing to be a seamtress to make my own Jesse Tree out of felt. Not this year, I'm just glad to get the project ready prior to December 1st. In previous years, December 1st rolls around and then I remember about the Advent project.

  • We are house hunting! House hunting! House hunting! It is hunting season, isn't it? We hope to have our kill soon.

  • Ever since the time change, my boys are arising at 6:45....with the sun. I mean, they used to only sleep till 7:15 or 7:30. But it is making all the difference in my morning. I used to have a full hour to myself in the morning prior to little feet patters. Now, I'm just plain grumpy when I see their faces. Need a new morning plan. Fast.

  • We began a formal Handwriting curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears. We love it! I wish I would've made the purchase last year. It's so creative, simple, and fun. There's actually very little technical writing.

  • Speaking of school, we took a break from formal books last week and spent time making a Solar System mobile. It was energizing and a great platform for the Big Boy to ponder how great our God is and all that He has made and reigns over. I was struck by God's placement of the Sun (light) in the center of it all and it does not move. Seems to draw a great parallel toward the light of Christ, being our light, and not moving or changing. The Big Boy teaches me to look for God in everything. The Big Boy interacts with God the most in his thoughts and his quest for understanding. I'm so glad our God meets him there on his journey, while building a Solar System out of styrofoam.

  • It's gotten frigid down in these parts. I dare say we need a jacket!
  • A stroll down memory lane, won't you follow me? We used to live in the Northeast where Fall was a delight. Look, that's the Big Boy.
And here's Little Boy, about the same age as Big Boy above. Obviously, not in the Northeast anymore.

Happy Tuesday! I like Tuesdays.


  1. Where are you house hunting at?? If you find yourself in JAX, let me know if I can help you out in any way :)

  2. "that was dangerous"

    great little story!

    At first I wondered whose kids you were posting pictures of. Oh how they have grown.

  3. I loved these. It's much less daunting to just make a list for blog entries sometimes--that's why I love those Quick Takes on Fridays.

    I loved hearing about your solar system unit. So hands-on and revealing about the wonders of creation.

    And what patience and trust you have in your boys to let them find out for themselves why certain ideas might not work. Too bad it's probably little bro who usually gets to be the Guinea pig, right? :)

    Happy house-hunting!

  4. We did the Jesse tree project last year. I made my own. Painted a big tree and taped it to the wall. It turned looking like a second grader did it but Mase loved it. Contemplating if/how I could do this with our travels.

  5. I love Jesse tree and needed the reminder that it was time to break out the stuff! Where are ya'll headed to?


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