Loose Ends and Christmas Break

We've returned.

We made it.

Dragged 3 handsome and polite boys through countless homes in search of our next dwelling place.

We found one.



Now the ball is rolling. Is it headed at your home, too? It goes fast and furious and can plow you down face smashed to the ground if you let it. It's the stuffed mailbox of toy magazines. It's the commericals of ads for the greatest gadgets that you may just forget you have in March. It's the crowded malls, crazy parking lots, and overpriced mall food. It's the complaining spirit when we know we should feel thankful, but just don't want to do it. It's not Christmas. It's everything that steals the pure joy away from Christmas. I sure hope the ball keeps rolling past my heart, my family, and my home this year. I hope the same for you, too.

Christmas is about Jesus. Perhaps, you know. I know I knew my whole childhood that Christmas was about Jesus. But it wasn't until early in my adulthood I met Jesus. I felt at the end of my rope, my heart, my life. Overwelmed. Frazzled. Worried. Unsure. Desperate. He brought hope. His birth truly is a miracle of love and grace from our wondrous God. I love God. Loving Him does not make me good. Loving Him does not remove disappointment from my life. Loving Him brings me peace amidst the disappointment. Loving Him brings me hope to do good. Loving him is worth it.

Last year, I shared Advent Conspiracy. I encourage you to check it out, again perhaps. It's a new promo video for 2009 and always worth a click.

Over the next month, our family will be doing much of what your family will be doing:

Eating. Celebrating. Giving. Laughing. Decorating. Rejoicing. Listening. Hugging.

Remembering His birth.

We will also be moving. Most likely, not what your family will be doing.

I will be on blogging break till January. I enjoy taking a break as the year closes. It's refreshing. I'll be blogging at you come January from a new home in a new city. I look forward to it!

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your Christmas, friends. Truly, enjoy!



  1. LOVE the pics! They make me smile. Super Blessing Congrats Sent! I will really miss you on blogger!

  2. Blessings to you and your adorable Christmas-classy family. Congrats on the house sale and locating a new place. Yahoo!

    Who knows, if God finds us the right home at this terribly hectic time, WE may be moving, too.

    Can't wait to see you all back here on the blog in the new year.

  3. So glad to read this wonderful entry. Its nice to know that other people know the true meaning of christmas too.
    Good luck on your move and I look forward to reading more in the new year!

  4. I love your writing style :) Congrats on the house...that's so great. I love the pics and I feel connected but still far away.

  5. I always love bumping into other mamas of boys in the blogosphere. Happy moving - may your chaos be manageable and your boxes be strong!


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