i am a military wife

Perhaps you've heard, we had a trainer aircraft go missing last Wednesday. 2 pilots on board. 2 sons. 2 fathers. 2 brothers. 2 loved ones. Missing. 3 days later, one of the heroic pilot's body was located and thankfully will be laid to rest soon, providing some closure for the family. An intense search continues to bring the other pilot home.

I must say I can live in complete denial most days of the additional title I wear upon my wife badge: military wife. My days become normal. He goes to work. We kiss good-bye. He phones when he takes off. Phones again when he lands with his estimated time of arrival home. Dinner. Play. Bed. Check of the flight schedule and we plan our next day accordingly. Many of my best friends from the areas we reside usually aren't even fellow military wives.

When a tradgedy strikes, though. It all changes. It's a stark reminder that yes, indeed, we are a military family. Our home is where our orders send us. We purchase homes with no clear future vision of memories, but rather on resale. We value time together, because we know there may be future months of time apart. We celebrate birthdays with friends, no family. We mark monumental happenings by where we were living, not the year it happened. We stand a little taller with singing of the National Anthem at sporting events.

I am a military wife. I sobbed upon the news of the missing pilots. Tears streamed my face as I sat with God and prayed for families. I cried more as my heart swelled with fear that this, too, could have been us. My heart continues to ache as I pray peace over the families. I gave hugs to all military wives I've seen over the past week, with no words. Just an embrace that says it all.

But just today, yet again, as I've done for the past 7 years. I kiss my husband good-bye, we say I love you, and he's off to do his job. He's flying. Training. Most days, it really is no big deal. To us, it's just his job. But I squeeze a little tighter lately. And then let go. Because yes, indeed, I am a military wife.


  1. yea, this pretty much made me cry in my seat. Your family is such a blessing to my heart. You teach me so much in so many ways, more than you probably know.

  2. The reality is sometimes so much harder to live with than the "bubble" I pretend to live in. Thank you for sharing your heart!!

  3. I've felt similar a few times... every time I hear of a police officer getting shot or who recently was killed. American's forget about the Police Officers and the Firefighters it seems... yet now I know every morning they have to strap on bullet proof vests and be ready to fight because even here in America you can get in a car, go to work, and not come back at the end of the day. Its good to remember and appreciate, but also nice to feel the "safety" of the bubble...

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  6. Great Read, great write, amazing heart!

  7. I am not a military wife yet I am thankful for you and your husband and the many others who, like you, sacrifice much to serve. I appreciate your honesty expressed in this beautiful and heartfelt post. Continue to stand tall!


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