Braggin' on my Bro

My marvelous sister-in-law started a family blog. I was vibrantly doing spirit fingers and intense dance moves at my excitement of this happening. Being far from family, what a treat to weekly get a glimpse into my brother's home, his 4 children, and one great wife.

Lately, she's been posting about some home improvement projects in their home. Growing up, my brother pretty much created a masterpiece out of anything he touched. My Dad can design a beauty of home with just a pencil, ruler and paper. He has vision. My Grandpa is hardly ever seen without a work belt around his hips and suspenders that look like a yellow measuring tape holding his pants up. Each year, as the Husband and I gain vision of projects for our home, I always end up saying, "I wish my Grandpa, Dad, or brother were here."

Nevertheless, I'm still committed to becoming a Jane of all trades. I have a wish list for Home Depot. And the thought of owning some power tools to bring action to my vision sounds exhilarating.

Until the babies are done, well, being babies. I'll stick to watching my brother and sister-in-law's home improvements.


  1. yay! i'm glad that your sis-in-law has a blog, too! i didn't know that she set it up. i used to see "peanut" all the time on the baby photo/growth blog she started with she was born.

    i know you live further away from the fam than we do, but it is hard to be away from family. praise God for the church family!

  2. cute post! You have the female version of our families talents! and the "jane" of all trades fits right in! I have to tell Grandpa that he made your post with the vision of Measuring tape suspenders, so cute and fun!


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