Weekend List

Watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It's hidden in the cupboard right now, the boys have no idea we even own it. The husband is away for the weekend and I'm waiting for just the right moment to pull it out.

Eating Harvest Mix: golden raisins, cherry craisins, candy corn, pretzel sticks, M&Ms, Ritz cheese sandwiches and peanuts.

Wearing costumes with friends and gathering candy from neighbors.

Celebrating God's faithfulness. As seasons change and life becomes unpredictable, HE remains.

Setting our clocks back.

Enjoying cool weather. I may even have to use the {gasp} heat tonight.

Laughing with friends and having a full heart at the miracle of children. I threw candy corn in that Harvest Mix today and it lit my boys' faces up to no end.



  1. Sounds like a recipe for joy, indeed. Have a great time! Please post costume pictures, too.

  2. So, you may turn the heat on...today I drove in my car with the AC on. So weird. Love you.

  3. love the weekend list. I agree it sounds like a recipe for Joy indeed. The big boy was very excited to tell me all about the harvest mix! Loads of Love and love and love sent to you!

  4. like the harvest mix. may have copy that recipe over here. want to see pics of the boys in their costumes.


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