Our Weekend

It was delightful.

After a week of quality time with my parents, the Husband and I headed off for 3 days. We try to plan a get away after every 1st birthday of our babies, seeing as how my babies are attached to me the first year....a get away is certainly needed! We drove to Dallas for the Texas State Fair and the big game, Red River Rivalry. On the way up, we stopped and did some outlet shopping. All at our own pace, no nap time, snack time, fussy time to work around. It was delightful.

We were shocked on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, there was already traffic heading up to Dallas for the game, as far south as Austin. Crazy. Needless to say, it took us all day to reach our destination. No hurry. Finally, we arrived... not to a kid-friendly Hampton Inn, but a Bed and Breakfast in the fancy Uptown district of Dallas. Our room was complete with hardwood, big fluffy quilts, a fireplace, and a private bath. It was delightful.

We met the most wonderful people staying at the B&B as well. They were in town for the game, Oklahoma fans. We were able to follow them over to the fair the next morning on their secret back road route. We drove right up to the Fair, parked, and never had any traffic. It was delightful.

The whole atmosphere of the game being inside the fair was unlike any other college football experience. The husband and I received many stares as we were in neutral clothing, and seemed a bit out of place not having burnt orange or crimson red showing. The bravery of our weekend was arriving with no tickets. We scouted the offerings on Ebay the week before leaving, and the prices were much too high. Over $1000 for decent seats. We decided to just go ahead and pay entrance to the fair and look for tickets inside by the stadium. Just as the Husband was buying our fair tickets, a random fan from Austin walked up and handed him a free fair pass. Out. Of. Nowhere. It was delightful.

In the fair, the excitement was intoxicating. And College Game Day was there. To stand behind the Home Depot fence and see Kirk and Lee giving Saturday commentary was really enough for me, game tickets or not. It was delightful.

Game time was nearing and still no tickets. I looked over and my Husband was posing like the Statue of Liberty with his 2 fingers up in the air. For a long time. And trust me, the minutes tick away like slow seconds when everyone is passing you dressed like a true fan and we're standing motionless with 2 fingers pointed upward. Soon, the hand came down and no tickets. We walked away. Just as we turned, a Sooner tapped my Husband on the shoulder and said he had 2 tickets. The Husband briefly looked down at them and could quickly tell they were phenomenal seats. So he was a bit depressed as he asked, "How much?".

"Face value, just give me face," the man said.

It was delightful.

To enter the old Cotton Bowl stadium, with the fair outside, and the fans split directly in half...orange one side, red the other. Invigorating. We know without a doubt we experienced college football at its best.


  1. This was a great story about your wonderful weekend! Jealous? Yeah, a little. :)

    I hope we get to do the same about a year-and-a-half from now.

  2. LOVE this post! It left me smiling! You two are so stinkin cute! Infact, you are delightful!

  3. Gotta love God's favor! So glad you had such a wonderful break! You are totally deserving rock star parents!

  4. wow! what an amazing weekend! i've been waiting to hear about it. i love that God just showed up everywhere in to make your special weekend away that much more special. Thanks God!

  5. We thought you all were nice too! Glad we got to meet you on your delightful weekend.
    Jenna & Mike (your B&B friends)

  6. Just delightful Julz. What an awesome weekend, orchestrated by the perfect Creator. That was a very delightful story to read :) You are good a photography and writing :) Maybe you could combine both??


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