his wet bed

The Little Boy. His bed is wet at least every 24 hours. Oh how I love my bed wetter. I have an inner blogging conviction to not write about my boys if the stories I share would anyway embarass them or shame them....if they could read them. Because hopefully, they will read them someday. But the Little Boy wetting his bed is not shameful or embarassing for him. There really couldn't be a more delightful joyous kid. He emerges from his room each morning, floppy blonde hair everywhere and a smile on his face. As if he slept smiling. Many times he walks out completely drenched in urine. I have to feel him or simply observe the wet spot, then inform him of it.....because he doesn't notice. Then replies, "Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow night. Can I have some cereal?" And then he proceeds to pick cereal out and would proceed to eat, all while being wet, if I didn't make him change into dry clothes.


What is the Momma of a Bed Wetter to do?

Frustrated I am not. Just curious as to when the bed wetting will end. We have even invested in cloth pull-ups to save a buck. They were working beautifully, until recently, they don't seem as absorbent anymore. I'm debating if they need stripped or we need to purchase more, seeing how we only own 2 and they are both definitely getting a consistent work-out.

We drag him out of his bed at 10pm every night to urinate. We physically stand him up next to the potty, eyes still completely shut, head flopped down, and somehow he'll pee for us. This heightens the chances of him waking up dry, but even then...it still only happens about 2-3 times a month.

In many ways, we do enjoy his bed wetting. It meshes greatly with his personality. And somehow reminds us to relax and only wish we, too, could sit in urinated clothes, eat cereal, and be happy.



  1. I absolutley love this pic...awesome. I wish the bed wetting was as enjoyable at our home :)

  2. Even through his Momma's words.... He still makes me do nothing but smile. Every family should have a Little L! He just makes my heart jump! When we stayed with the boys, he came out in the morning, and I asked him "are you dry" and he said, "I don't know Mamma, you check". I could only smile. I LOVE that kid! Great picture, what is he doing?

  3. No bed wetters here but it sounds like your diapers need to be stripped.

  4. this makes me realize that i just need to encourage my little buddy during the tough days where the toilet seems farther away than normal. .. . mostly nap-ish time :) and 90% of all bowel movement times. thanks, julie!

  5. we're in the same boat. i'm fine as well with a pull-up full of pee each morning. it'll happen when it happens. bigger fish to fry i say:} what does stripping your diapers mean?

  6. My oldest was a bed wetter. He outgrew it with time. Be patient; your boy will as well.


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