The Big Boy and his Bike

It was a little over a year ago. The Big Boy wasn't even quite 4 1/2 years old. He decided the training wheels were so last year. And that was it. He mounted his bike. The Husband jogged beside him down our sidewalk holding his seat steady, gave him a push, and he was off. He slowed on his own and fell into the grass. Got up, did it again and has never turned back or slowed down. I remember watching him ride his bike up and down the sidewalk feeling a sense of adventure swelling in his heart. I could see in his eyes, his face. He loved this. He was born to be a boy with his bike.


Now a year later, he's faster, smoother, and as of late....a trickster. He decided this week to throw some tricks into his everyday riding adventures. Again, I stood, watched, and was in awe. Ran inside to grab The Husband, our camera, and what a show we were given!


What awes me most about our Big Boy and his bike is how it teaches me of the Creator's design and imprint upon each of us. The Husband and I know nothing about biking, BMX racing, or dirt bikes...all of which the Big Boy seems a natural at and would like to pursue instead of the typical 5 year old t-ball team or soccer. We're having to research and learn. He has more skill than we even pretend to possess in our head.

Truly, our kids are not mini versions of us. No way. They are full individual beings....unique, powerful, full of interests and giftings that just may have absolutely nothing to do with us...the parents. How exciting. This is a privilege to watch him grow, discover and learn what fuels his zest for life. He finds it on a bike. I love that!


  1. OH JULZ--- WOW!
    You're right- What an adventure, and yea Brody to have courage to follow his instincts and challenge himself! Yea to you and Beau for embracing this instead of telling him to stop because you are afraid of injury :-)

  2. Crazy tricks!

    And my little girl is still terrified to ride her two-wheeler *with* training wheels.

    It's true we are each designed uniquely. Best to you as you look into knee and elbow pads...

  3. I can't believe he is standing on his seat...amazing how adventurous children are! I love seeing the kids come alive when they are doing what God has put a little passion for in their fun. I wish he and Peanut could get together and give us a bike show!


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