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It's no doubt humorous that I'm about to write a post on Twitter. Again. To assume that I know something about it and have knowledge to offer is well, wrong. I had to call my dear friend to help me fully understand it, and even now...I don't think I completely do. In addition, I don't do Facebook. Never been on FB. Don't know how to use FB. Have no desire to go there or learn. I blog. It's my thing, I guess. Which leads me back to, oh yes, Twitter.

I think of Twitter as a mini baby teensy weensy blog post. I have a thought or a random moment and it's not in any way worthy of a whole post, no problem, I'll just tweet it. I also think it's nice to see the small updates on blogs I follow. Not sayin' I stalk a few blogs out there, but lets say I did. When I check their blog and see no new post, I can look on their sidebar and see their Twitter updates and have a clue in to what they've been up to. So now you, too, my hiding blog stalkers can see my updates. Up there. Over on the left.

What I don't like about Twitter so far is I find it difficult to fully use without a modern, shall we say up-to-date phone. My phone is a lovely free one with our plan 3+ years ago. It serves me well. But I don't access the web from it. So truth be known, my tweets are usually in the past. I also don't like that I'm receiving random followers, but it is easy to just block them. So I do.

I'm up to 29 Following. What about you? Maybe you should try Twitter for a week, put it on your blog, and then let me Follow you. I would love to do just that! Or maybe you don't have a blog, then Twitter might just be the thing for you....a little little baby blog. How cute.

UPDATE: I've learned I can send twitter updates from my phone just like a text message, no web access needed. I did not know this, nor am I sure I want to take this route right now. But good to know.


  1. I might twitter if:

    1. I still had time. Teaching, Jonathan, and Life take up ALL my time nowadays :) This of course suite me just fine.

    2. I get a little wigged when technology starts to take over my privacy. Twitter and Facebook feel like too much effort and too much information that I just don't want to give.

    3. I do think these types of technology are very cool... so if someone is into them then great :)


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