A One Year Old

What a breath of fresh air to chase my Baby Boy, fresh one year old. The first year of caring for babies are exhausting, no doubt, along with richly rewarding. It even seems with each of my babies' first years...I've grown deeper set in my ways as a momma, a greater peace and love for soothing a fussy one, and a firm confirmation that yes, indeed, I was designed to nurture. My nurturing instincts were low, possibly non-existent as I cared for Big Boy as a baby. What a beautiful process to emerge as a Mother. I dare say I am a butterfly.

We ventured out to the park yesterday, with lunches packed. It was a joy. Our first park outing with no sling around my shoulder, no baby on hip, no nursing sessions to do, and I actually had {gasp} energy. I had a week of immense sadness as the Baby Boy quit nursing, started sleeping through the night, and becoming less interested in being held. It has passed, returning only briefly at small moments.

What an honor to watch the Baby Boy discover a slide at the park, eat dirt, hold sticks, and swing with glee next to his brothers.

Not only do my boys grow. I want to grow, too. I don't want to remain just Mommy of babies, even though that is finally feeling easy. I must look forward as I gain wisdom on being Mommy of boys. Soon, they will be young men. And then, yes then, I want to know what my Mom role looks like. Just as they let go of stages, I too must let go. For if I don't, I'm beginning to see I'm the only one remaining stuck. They will move on. I want to go with them.


  1. Hahaa! This post is similar to one I'm working on! Yay to mommyhood!

  2. Okay so the twitter thing....do you have to have internet on your phone? I do facebook and have no idea about twitter at all. If all I have to do is text then I can try it out. If I have to have internet then I'm out of the twitter game!

  3. Well said, sugar. One of the toughest times I have ever had as a mom was the "Mom of kids leaving home". No Dr.Spock books to read, no "How to let go" section at the library... So proud of you! LOVE you!
    Mama M.

  4. Julz, you are so stinkin cute. I love this post! Still waiting on Twitter lessons. Looks like you have a few students. :)

  5. Wish I could have been there to watch the boys and the ducks!!! So funny. I feel like that happened in Ohio at one point?

  6. Just checking to see if I am now Mamma in Ohio. :)

  7. twitter lessons were in a previous post, scroll down.


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