Did you know? That a size 8-14 Children's place hat fits a mom's head pretty nice. At only $5.50 and somtimes on sale for $1, you can't beat a great retro hat. I mean not that I wear one often or anything.

Did you know? My 3 and 5 year old both wear a size 8-14 boys' hat.

Did you know? Contrary to popular belief, my boys are Texans and not Ohioans. Just the other day they stepped outside in the rainy 88 degree weather, ran back in, rubbing their arms stating loudly that 'it's a chilly out there, Mommy!'.

Did you know? College football season starts tomorrow!

Did you know? I love college football season. It's the best Fall drama on TV. Get hooked now and start watching.

Did you know? The Husband and I are headed to a huge college football game this year. We try to attend one every Fall, any one will do. But this year (last April really), we decided to pick a big one and go for it.

Did you know? I'm leaving you in suspense about what game it is.

Did you know? My Baby Boy is almost one years old! He's currently cutting 4 teeth. He climbs on everything and is quite feisty at mealtime.

Did you know? I'm absolutely overwelmed with digital media. I love my camera, but lately hesitate taking any pictures due to having zero organization system in place for my pictures once taken. Where do I store all these memories? Do we need an external hard drive? CDs? Should I be printing them as well?

Did you know? The Husband and I went on a date to our favorite Thai restaurant and then ended up walking around Best Buy. It was fun! We learned some new things, got to quietly explore gadgets, and even played a few rounds of Rock Band. Eye of the Tiger baby!

Did you know? I've discovered Maine Summer is equivalent to Texas Fall. I was unpacking our next size up of boy clothes for the Baby Boy. Memories flooded back of the Big Boy wearing each of the items in the summer living in Maine. And I realized the swap out was going to work just fine.



  1. Well, that was a fun didchaknow! I even learned a few things!

    We actually plan on watching OSU vs Navy this weekend.(or is it Navy vs OSU) The Big College Football fans that we are. ;) Now, who should we cheer for? We are Buckeye's yet we remember the fun days of your hubby playing for Navy! Hmmmm..give me some pointers and players to watch.

  2. Dar-- You're a buckeye fan. Scarlet and Grey run deeper than blood, especially "in-law" blood. ;-)

    Sorry Beau.

    Jul- LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL I'm right there with you and Beau on this Doesn't matter what conference, as long as it's good, I'm hooked. And I'm totally envious of the game you're going to this year-- I won't ruin your secret, but if I couldn't go to a buckeye game, the team you're going to see would be a very close second. ;-)

    Cheers, girl!


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