Bring It On!

I've decided to join Twitter. No big deal. I know. But everything IS a big deal in my world, my life, my head. I think it all out, talk long about it, and have increased hand motions all the while. To some...this is funny, quirky maybe, but mostly funny. To others, I'm sure...this is annoying. Those others are probably not my friends for long. It's cool. No hurt feelings here. But I've decided I am certainly convinced I have at least 100 others out there who I know on Twitter. So yes, I've joined Twitter. Only for one week, though. I've created a challenge. I want to be following 100 others by next week, then I'll consider staying on twitter. So friends, find me on twitter. And let me know of others who you know I know. Hook us up.

Nothing like a good challenge. Bring it.


  1. ok...give us a lesson!! I'm in!

  2. So Julz... are you posting these twitter things from you phone or from your computer at home? Lessons, we need lessons, i agree momma Jen.


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