Here's what I did.

I poured 2 cups of sesame seeds into my food processor and turned it on, stopped it when it all looked powdery. But really was not powdery at all, cause all that yummy oil was activated.

I found 2 jars of that super natural, oil on top, kinda pasty, tastes yucky to us peanut butter way in the back of my pantry. I emptied them in a bowl.

Added a full jar of Nutella.

Then added the ground sesame seeds.

Mixed it all with large spoon.

Placed in tupperware-like container to store in my pantry.

Here's what they did:

Insisted it be called 'chocolate peanut butter dessert', although there's no trace of chocolate in it.

We're thrilled it became part of their lunch spread on bread with sliced bananas on top, or smooshed between graham crackers.

Here's what I did:

Smiled with glee at the jam packed amount of protein they were licking off their fingers.


  1. Here's what I did...
    Put bananas in their pancakes and put peanut butter in their smoothies.

    Here's what they did...
    Asked to have a bowl of cereal instead of the pancakes because they were too mushy and wrinkled their noses at the smoothie, which I thought was yummy!

    However, I'm not done trying so I'll let you know how the kids like your idea!

  2. The "Aunt Bobbi" in you is coming out! ;) Love you Julz.


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