Do you twitter? I don't. But I love following my friend's tweets and I'm considering signing up to broaden my communication with her and others. I also love the idea of having it on the sidebar of my blog for 'mini-blog-thoughts' cause I just don't get the big blog thoughts down enough. If I were twittering, my past week may have went something like this...

  • Doing urinated nighttime laundry AGAIN. 15 days and counting the Little Boy is wearing underwear to bed.
  • Switching back to Pull-Ups again soon.
  • My Little Boy defines upbeat and postive. 15 days of wet undies in the morning and he still awakes with a big smile and "I'll try again next time!"
  • Cleaning. Sorting. Cleaning. Re-arranging. Our house is about to go 'FOR SALE'.
  • Off to swim lessons....Big Boy's newly found passion.
  • Shadow boxing with my handsome Husband. Just another night of free entertainment once all 3 boys are 'night-night'.
  • I love making my own baby food! The Baby Boy may just love it even more!
  • Cleaning up to our nightly clean up song: Clean My Room by Imagination Movers. It's a fave!
  • I may or may not whip out some old cheerleader moves when the music starts. Just sayin'.
  • Boys are dancing to their favorite dance songs: Shake It and anything by Lincoln Brewster. There is nothing in common between those 2 choices. Nothing.
  • My husband's bringing home Asian take-out. Yummers!
  • Hitting the beach in the morning! Bring it.

Alright, that was good practice. Twitter here I come!


  1. So, that is what twitter is eh? And where do you do this twittering? Interesting, very interesting. I wonder what you will be learning from your next generation of children when you are my age?

  2. Love the headlines.
    I can't seem to get into twitter, though. It's like a teaser for me and I want to know more! ;-)

    You and Beau Shadowboxing, eh? The vision is also equally entertaining ;-) I'm surprised the 2 of you are able to not laugh so hard that you fall over.

  3. I want to twitter... I have fear that I won't be able to narrow it down to 150 words or less. And then I would spend so much time trying to decide which words to keep that I would wonder why I just didn't blog. So I will keep admiring those who have more word-control then me.

  4. thanks for some music hints! i'm ready for some fun music and changes. #1 is starting to really *get* cleaning up and i think that a song would help, too! :)


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