What I Learned About Little Boy at Sea Camp...

He's just not quite as brave as I thought without Big Boy around to follow. Playing at the park with just him and I (of course Baby Boy, too), he was hesitant to walk far from me and asked for help often. I like the reminder that he is only 3. Cause too often in his own words, "I'll be 10 soon!"
He loves to play games!! I knew this about him, but the point was driven deeply down home to my big old mama heart. Every morning as Baby Boy napped, he headed straight for the game closet. For the next 90 minutes, we did nothing but play games and more games! A nice change. When Big Boy's in the lead, it's usually building, inventing, or truck crashing.

He struggles at picking out a snack without Big Boy's opinion. As Sea Camp week continued, he began asking me what I thought Big Boy was having for snack at Sea Camp.
Speaking of Big Boy, he had a fantastic time at Sea Camp! Everyday was a dream come true animal adventure for him. He was never once hesitant in leaving his brothers and I. I learned he speaks little (which I knew), thinks lots (which I also knew), and doesn't completely let you in on everything in his head (which I knew). But ya know, it was still a new opportunity in communicating with him as I asked him about his morning and he gave me zero excitement in his answer. Then 6 hours later, while brushing his teeth, he randomly fills me in on grand happenings from his morning. As far as communication goes, it was definitely my first foreshadowing to many years ahead attempting communication with boys. Don't push or nag, just wait and listen. They'll come around.

I think so.


  1. I love Little Boy So Much! Pics are great of him. He is just great! Sweet,really funny, entertaining, Strong.... but still needs guidance and Mom! (and Big B) He must have loved those hours of game time! I just love him! Just love him!

  2. So interesting how much L's life is impacted by being the second sibling, with a big bro to help him in all of life's pursuits. Wonder how birth order will play out for little E. So exciting to see these little men grow and change. I'll try to get you a little paragraph or two tonight on the house info. I've been pretty wiped out the past few nights.

  3. i'll have to watch my handsomes as they are growing up and see if these things are similar between my boys. i do still find myself talking to my sister for random stuff, and kind of wishing we could hang out together. family does that to ya.

    so glad that big boy got to experience a bit without you guys and that you learned some more about communication with him!

    sounds like little boy had a blast during morning naps. what precious time.

  4. ahhh I open my internet everyday to these wondeful pics of my grandsons. They make me smile and they bring tears to my eyes because I miss them so! I read the post about L again, and thought.... oh he will be 10 sooner than you or he can imagine. Enjoy these days .... ENJOY! As I know you strive to do!


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