Nine Months

Our Baby Boy is a pure delight. He smiles at you with glee. He leans his head all the way over and thinks its funny, then is greatly pleased with himself if he's enticed you to repeat the action back to him. PhotobucketHe crawls quickly, especially toward the voices of his brothers. He prefers to nurse over eating much solids. He bites the side of his crib. Third boy to use that crib and the first time I've seen bite marks on it. He can have quite a serious look about him when you first meet him.Photobucket He babbles, but no true words. He claps and bounces to music. He started bouncing the other day to the Little Boy singing a song, with no actual music playing. He's impossible when it comes to diaper changing. He loves evening walks in the stroller with a front seat view of his brothers on their bikes. He has 4 teeth. Photobucket He's fully aware that wrestle time with Daddy is fun, not scary...even though there's consistent loud screaming. He's beginning to crawl over and join in by banging his tiny hand on Daddy's chest. He thinks he's big stuff. But we know better, he's our Baby Boy. He is nine months old.


  1. These photos really show personality. He seems as delightful as you describe him to be. I can only imagine what wrestle time with daddy must be like at your house and with a new "wrastler" entering the ring, daddy's days are numbered. Happy nine months to you all.

  2. and he is a delight! Miss you baby boy! Love the pics!

  3. Great pics Julz! Can't believe he is 9 months old.


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