Impossible Recap

See a few posts below for my first recap. I started it back in June, while traveling. Posting now, so it posted out of order. Don't want you to miss it!


I must say I didn't miss the computer during the month of June. If I could live without it, I would. I actually just posed the option to my husband, and we quickly concluded it would completely remove me from normalcy to not get on the computer at all anymore. After all, I already don't Twitter or Facebook. How does one have the time? But I digress, I must choose to live in this decade or century I guess for that matter......

so I'm back.

We've survived just beautifully our 3200 miles of driving, vacation at the beach, followed by wonderfully exhausting visits with all we know in the Heart of it All....O-H-I-O. (college football IS just around the corner, in case you didn't know) Just warming you up.

I'd love to let you in all the fun we've been having....

stay tuned.


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