Prior to our journey up north to the Heart of it All, we took a much needed vacation! We enjoy our vacation. Yes, we live minutes from a beach....but really, it doesn't deserve the name. If you've been here, ya know what I mean. Anyhoo, we still take beach vacations, because we love the beach. I've been hesitating even posting about vacation, I've actually been hesitating posting much at all lately. I keep thinking, who wants to see beach vacation pics? They look just like yours, ya know, but our faces. We relaxed, swam, ate, sat, relaxed, read books, napped, swam, napped, slept, and did it all again the next day. It was beautiful. I do miss it. It seems decades ago.

On a side note, we vacation the same beach each least 3 years and counting. When I'm not doing laundry, refereeing fights, or sure would be neat to compare some old va-cay pics to recent ones. I remember specific shirts the boys have passed down and worn each year. I'll pass the idea along to my blog secretary.

Other side note, I'm dabbling in blog design or pretending I'm a graphic designer. It's fun and thought provoking for me to code HTML and CSS. Yes, I'm full aware of my nerdish interests. I apologize if this slide show deal is a total flop and slows your upload of my blog down.

...just experimenting.

I still do miss that Beach vacation.


  1. haha! woops, I think we have the same taste. And by the way, we need to get together. Summer is half over! Yes, it shocks me too. I love your beach pictures. I don't think it's silly at all to vacation to the beach. :)

  2. I'm lovin that slideshow. I want one.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. You have a handsome family. Whoever snapped the pics has a great eye!

  4. Jula! Yay! you are back! I've missed your updates. Here are some randome thoughts I was thinking when I read your blog:
    -Your hair is super cute!
    -Seeing the pic of your mom and dad makes me miss them I want to see them while we're in town.
    -I like the slide show. I want to do something similar for our OC experience.
    -I look forward to when I can meet your boys.
    -Your picture take skills are getting really good!
    -And I miss you:)

    (oh and this is aub signed in as bri)


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