Knowing Our Big Boy---late bday tribute

By far, the Big Boy's favorite Ohio adventure: Aunt S's Farm! PhotobucketThe husband and I have always known the boy was designed to be a farmer from his love for animals to his inquisitive nature in understanding how life operates to his simple love of quiet time. He proved us right. The moment his foot green croc hit the dirt, it was as if he was home. Holding baby ducks, feeding hens, gathering eggs, petting goats, chasing barn cats, observing the rooster and riding the tractor. Photobucket It was so sweet for my heart to watch him be in love with an activity and truly engage in something that feels natural to him. My spirit just bubbles with joy at the privilege it is to know my Big Boy more and more. He's tender. He's smart. He's quiet. PhotobucketHe thinks and thinks and then thinks some more. He's stubborn. He's passionate. He's determined. One must be patient and willing to truly know him. He's not into the crowd or following what's popular. I look at him and see positively a wondrous person. I look forward to watching his life journey unfold more and more. I pray his passion is used for righteousness, his smarts for truth, and his stubbornness for good.

Here's to you Big Boy! I'm so humbled that you were crafted just for us. And after 5 years, I know I've only hit the tippy tip of the iceberg in understanding you and knowing what makes your inner heart smile. It was a delight to watch you fall in love with all a farm has to offer. I hope we can take some of that passion, and find ways to nurture and grow it....even without a farm. Photobucket


  1. Ok teary eyed. You do this to me. I love that boy! I love the way you get to know your boys and help them grow into the individuals the Lord has created them to be. Sweet friend. Love to you.

  2. Very sweet, inspired writing about your boy. And nice pictures, too. Vacations allow us time away from daily stuff to just appreciate how spectacular our children are. So glad you had that chance.

  3. Beautiful observations about your Big Boy. : ) You have such an awesome gift of writing from your heart. The stubborness you see in your son can be developed into positive determination. Thank you for sharing your heart and your thoughts.

  4. Well, I have opened up this blog for a few days, stopped at the farm pictures, read and re-read your heart.... and I still end up in tears. I just love B SO Much and also enjoy watching him think... think some more, talk and learn.... and then tell me all about it! Dad and I both Love how you and Beau love your boys. Unconditionally and with all of your heart mind and soul!
    There are no words.

  5. Such a sweet post about your big boy :) Love it!


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