This Is How WE Do It

As we are preparing for a month long adventure......2500 miles, beaches, Ohio visits, farms, pools, eating out, eating in, parks, long car rides, and much much fun. I've considered the little ways I make it work for us.

-I look up city parks and recreation places at many bigger cities we will passing through as we drive. I print out thorough directions to each of them. I pack one cooler worth of a meal for all of us. I don't plan our stops out, because that sounds incredibly stressful at sticking to it. But I am ready at any time, to stop off at a park, eat, run and play......when the little mouths need fed and their little legs need to climb.

-I go to Cracker Barrel and Chic-Fil-A's websites. You can map out your entire trip and they will produce every exit number along the way with one of their establishments. No idea if or when we'll stop at one, but at least now we know when they're coming up. 'Cause we all know the miles can seem loooooong when everyone's hungry and the distant blurry blue road sign is our only hope of maybe stopping. Here it comes, it's coming, it's coming, wait for focus, oh man....only a Jack in the Box.

-We will not stop anywhere except a park, or the above restaurants.

-No matter how much whining and fussing a couple of boys give us, do not under any circumstances let them watch video after video the entire drive. Upon stopping to get out of the car, their brains will be fried, confused, and eyeballs frozen open. Their behavior will go downhill quickly as we step into no-name public establishment. They will not listen and be unable to engage in conversation. Do. Not.

-DO engage the boys in conversation, drawing, and book reading for the drive...with video breaks. This will produces a happier time had by all.

-Do sit the Little Boy an entire arms length away from the Baby Boy.

-Pack snacks already separated into Ziploc baggies.

-Pack big kid pacifiers. ....tootsie roll pops.

-Have fun on the travels, they're part of the adventure. Do not focus only on arriving, for then it seems to go much much slower.

-If traveling with a child under the age of 2, we go for the big old long drive as oppose to splitting it up at a hotel. Much. Nicer.

-Keep lots and lots of lists of what we need to bring with us. 'Cause if I think of that toy that would be really great to bring and don't write it down, when it comes time to pack...I will forget about it.

-Speaking of packing, start early. I get the suitcases out a week ahead of time and slowly just throw stuff in. I used to think it's absolutely impossible to pack early with little ones, but it's really not. We own plenty of stuff to pack some, and still have endless toys, clothes, book possibilities to get through the week.

That's about it. I love family adventures. The boys get so excited and there's no use in us not sharing in the excitement. I'm learning whatever I worry or stress about never happens or isn't really worthy of my energy. I have much better things to do!


By the way, the post title most definitely should be sang out loud to the not so famous one hit one wonder Montell Jordan. Who I may have seen in concert with my dearest oldest friend back in high school. And we may or may not have sang loudly calling him Montell-poo-poo the whole time because yes, he was that bad.


Well, we depart soon. I make no commitments on my blogging energy while on this grand'ole adventure. I'll be reading you, but may not be sharing me. Let's hope I do! 'Cause I know you'll miss us all if we don't, unless of course you're one of the few lucky ones on our course map of travels.
I do owe my Big Boy a post on his triumphal entry to being 5. Until then...



  1. Well Julie, I think that if I am ever so blessed to have kiddo's like you do that I'll need to keep that list - it is very good. Where ya'll off to by the way???

  2. I am hoping your travels will bring you back to Maine!!! I would love to see you and give you a big hug!!! Drive safe!

  3. I am SO anxious to see you soon!! (and I totally forgot about the montel-poo-poo thing....)

    Mama M.

  4. HAHAHAHHAHA!!! When I read the title, I instantly started singing, "This Is How We Do It" and may have peed a little when you gave the shout out to one, "Montel Poo-Poo". Man, that guy was terrible. Good stuff. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOOOOOOOOOOU!!!

  5. loved your post! Yes, it is all about the adventure! I am proud of you for seeing that and for being so stinkin good at it! And... what a blessing to have a husband who agrees. So many have the "pedal to the medal" and want to get from point A to Point B without a pee break! So.... I cannot wait to see all of you! Why am I so brain dead... I don't remember anything about the Montel Poo Poo thing? Help me out here?

  6. Hey,

    If you pass thru Little Rock and need a place to hang (we also live across from a great park), give me a holler. Email me and we'll be in touch. If it's not on the way, or you don't want to stop, then I understand :)

  7. Hey Jul--- Yea for the family adventure! When are you in OHIO- Would love to get the chance to see you.
    My neices and I have a game we play on long road trips called, "I spy with my little eye something..." (then followed by a color) It keeps them entertained and laughing. It sounds like you have MANY hours in the car, so you'll need all the help you can get.. Also a BIG hit is Lori Burkner (sp?) kids songs on CD. There's just enough melody and music (guitar and beat) for it not to wear down adults but catchy enough for kids to sing along. We LOVE to sing (me too.)
    Sorry, just had to share.. Have fun and just think of all the memories you'll create along the way!!!

  8. Great tips! I especially love the tip about mapping out where the exits to the restaurants are! Have a great trip.

  9. Love your post, Julie. It takes me back to when we went on vacations with our 3 boys....

    Back then we never had videos, cell phones, GPS's and all the newest stuff that families have now...but of course, we had the books, games, music, snacks, and random ideas to come up with to enjoy the time together as we traveled. We would always love to stop at the different parks along the way to release all the pent-up energy and enjoy a new place to explore. For us, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches worked well for the times we couldn't stop. Isn't it awesome to have valuable experiences together ... making memories.

    You are such an awesome mom..your sons are blessed as you continue to direct them to be men of God.

    Enjoy your trip...I'll miss you and will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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