These Days

These days are good.

These days I've been watching this little one start to crawl and stand up. He obviously didn't get the memo about him being the Baby Boy. I have no pics yet of him standing, but here's one of me cherishing his baby-ness. Excuse the mom hair/no make-up/probably haven't showered look by me.
He's so proud of his accomplishments. Although, he does get slightly frightened when all of the sudden he finds himself sitting up in bed, when I think he'd much prefer to be down staring up at the familiar ceiling.

These days I've been preparing for this little big boy to turn 5! Wow. Something sounds very old about being 5. 0% baby 100% big kid. I think he knows.
He's just thrilled with emotion to be turning 5 and preparing for his celebration. We had a long couch chat the other afternoon all about being 5, what his party will be like, and small things that make him nervous about it all. After it was all done, he says..."I feel better now, thanks Mommy." Quality time speaks loudly to his heart.

These days we've been cheering the Baby Boy on as he tries out his first flight on the patio, via the baby swing. Photobucket
It was much excitement for sure just to be sitting in the swing. The pushing will come soon enough. For now, it was more of a light tap by Mommy and the Big Boy and some tackling gently holding back of the Little Boy ready to give him a good takeoff!Photobucket

These days I've been worn out by this Little Boy. Photobucket
I can't keep up with his vibrant energy, and I'm a little worn down by his full belief that everyone at all times should be greatly tuned in to his need for attention. My patience grows as I love him. He's absolutely impossible not to love. I mean I am his Mom and all, but just look at him. Photobucket
It breaks my heart to watch those blue eyes fill with tears and confusion strike his face as he deals with the notion that sharing is a permanent part of his life.

These days I've been beaming in my heart with love and pride for the Husband. After a year long process of going crazy with options calmly sorting out his future job, we can safely say our family is moving forward with a new journey and a fabulous adventure courtesy of the United States Navy. It's going to be good.



  1. this post made me smile. I love your heart, Julie :)

  2. Julie,
    This was just the sweetest the way you love each of your boys in their special ways. As Charity says, "I love your heart" too. : )

  3. I love it! I love connecting with you each day too! I love knowing that God is doing a mighty work in your heart. =)

    Oh and I see you finally got B to switch out those crocs. Love the green. ;)

  4. Okay... I am crying... this post made me cry. I am missing so much... and love all of you with all of my heart! Can't wait to see you!

    Julz, I love how much you LOVE your boys!! As I posted to you about what your Grandma Clark taught me.... was to do nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE those kids! You do that so tender heartedly and I love it.

    I also noticed those green crocs... way to go B! Remember when we put new shoes on him in Maine. He tried so hard to kick them off, he was so little.

    OH and my favorite... the picture of L.... OH and E.... he is so stinking cute..... Oh this Mamma could go on and on and on!!!

    as you can see I love your posts... all of them. They keep me connected more than you know! Thanks my sweet daughter!


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