Taking Full Advantage of a Post. I will vent.

See that cute one? No, no, not the Little Boy. Yes, we all know he's cute. I mean that cute flower in that gorgeous brown pot. Oh, and how about those nice stones the pot is sitting on? Now those are some winners. The Husband put those in. I planted the flower and chose that nice pot. Wow, we've been impressed with it since day one. So, I walked out our front door today, down the driveway to retrieve our trash can. I turn to head back up the driveway and ya know what? That stinkin' pot was gone. Those nice stones just sittin' there lonely as ever. No flower. No pot.

I mean, who does that? Who drives up someone's driveway in the dead middle of the day and steals a potted plant? Really? Wow, they must've really needed a flower more than us.

But I'm mad. One day this will be funny, and maybe perhaps today is that day for you. But not for me.

Oh, I miss you my lovely brown pot with cute hibiscus flower.

No fear. I'm putting out an amber alert.

{sniff sniff}

Wait. No tears. I'm mad about this.

I mean, who does that?



  1. Argh! We had plant thieves in Jax, too. They stole one (just one) of my two matching hanging baskets from our front porch with pretty Blue Daze cascading out. Why just the one? To tick me off endlessly. I feel your pain, sister.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. That is crazy!!! Geez Louize...make sure they don't take the other cute one! With all that said.... I bet that looked really pretty in front!

  3. Exactly!!! Who does that?! I can relate totally as I mentioned that our plant that was given to us when we lost Joey....stolen off our front porch under the porch light now less. I heard it...but didn't think about what that could be until too late and when I took off outside, they were already heading down the road in a pick-up! At least they didn't get the saucer...grrrr...really.....just felt totally violated. Ran after them, but lost them. : ( So sorry, Julie. Your hibiscus was really cute there too in that beautiful brown pot.


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