Lost Without My Notebook

We've established before my love/hate relationship with the grocery store. But it must go on. I got mouths to feed, and frankly I eat just as much when I'm nursing as when I'm preggo. I typically have a 'mom notebook'. It has everything in it. Grocery lists. Meal plans. Random notes I must remember. Future Birthday gift ideas. coupons. It goes with me to the store. Yes, I'm the mom at the store with 2 boys eating sugary donuts, baby slinged on me, holding the 8 1/2 by 11in. large notebook, pen in hand, oblivious to you wanting by me and my large cart I can't move that well.

Last week, at the grocery, I lost my notebook. Scratch that. I left my notebook there in the check-out aisle because at this point in the trip, I've usually also misplaced a few brain cells along the way. It's gone. My dear sweet husband even returned the next day looking for it, asking for it. No luck. Who wants a 'mom notebook'? I hope you're enjoying it, Mister I Steal Mom's Notebooks Because I Need A Meal Plan.

Now here I sit ready to meal plan and make a grocery list. No book. I used to use notecards. I have a small obsession with notecards and Sharpie pens. For awhile, I had a pre-formatted grocery list document on my computer with all of our 'regular' purchases. I checked what I needed for this trip, and then added in necessary items to complete my meals. I don't know what happened to that document.

I suppose I'm ready for a new grocery/meal plan system. Where do you write your list? How about your meals?

I'm thinkin' I might rebirth the notecard system.

I do miss my notebook.


  1. Julz, I will miss you with your notebook on our HEB runs when I visit!
    I tried to re-create your 'regular purchase' list in my own computer system to fit my grocery shopping purchases, I loved it!

    You must have a sequel to this missing Mom Notebook mystery, so we can all know if it is notecards you decide on or back to a notebook. I am lost at the grocery without my list... I suppose you come by your list making honestly.

    OH and I still go back and read L's post, I just love it! Almost as much as pictures!

    Miss you all daily!

  2. Julz,
    AH HAH!!! Guess what, I have a notebook. Albeit, mine is 4x6 and i only go grocery shopping 1-2x a month, but the notebook is my godsend. It's also where I do my budget, write new recipes...flight information, to-do lists. It's my catch-all to being organized. When all else fails, the notebook saves the day.
    I sympathize for you my friend. And i have to say, I smiled a little when you described beau heading back to the store in search for it... Ask him about the days when Amy and I used to steal his planner in Euro history... I know he feels your pain. ;-) Best of luck, girl.

  3. This is what I do friend.
    I print out a blank monthly calendar that I write what meals I make each week so I don't forget and continue to make the same thing and also I gives me ideas what to make. I can look back and remember what the family like.

    On Sunday nights (because you know I do my list of errands on Mon) I make a bunch of lists.

    I do a master schedule of the week of what meals I'm doing and other things I want to do on each day (crafts with Mase, baking, chores)

    Then I make a grocery list according to what meals I planned.

    Check out www.organizedhome.com under their printables section. There are a bizillion charts and checklists. I'm still deciding which I like best.

    I also am trying to use the online program Remember the Milk more because I can link it to my phone but I realize when it comes down to it I'm a paper and pen girl. I like to check my boxes:) Even things like "get a shower"!

    love ya friend.

  4. Okay.... all of you girls have me smiling. I love being a part of your journey as women!


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