I Am 3.

My smile is big and bright. My hair is floppy and blonde, and my eyes are crystal blue. The most important thing about me today is I am now 3. I can show you how many that is with my fingers and feel so proud to be 3. I celebrated all weekend with the family. We went to a baseball game, ate a cake that looked like a baseball...and ice-cream, that was cold. I got some new games for my birthday. I love playing games. We just played them all morning with my Mommy and my big brother. I also got a new shirt with a basketball on it, cause I like sports and getting new clothes. I also got a flashlight that I like to shine in the bathroom where it's all dark. Mommy tells me tonight I have one more gift to get, I don't know what it is but I'm sure it will be great!

I've been telling Mommy all day, "Now that I'm 3, I can do that!" Ride my scooter faster. Take bigger bites of my sandwich. Read books. Jump Higher. Throw the ball better. It doesn't matter what it is, I just know I do it all different now that I am 3.

I think I'm going to like being 3. Mommy tells me I've been talking since the day I was practically born, I'm not sure what that means....but I do love a good conversation. I still use the {f} sound for all words that start with {p}. They keep trying to teach me how to say 'puh', 'puh'. I can say it. But I just like that {f} sound better. Shhhh. Don't tell, but I just know I'm super cute when I talk like that, so I'm not interested in saying the {p}. Like the other day, my heart was sad 'cause Daddy was turning off Lightning McQueen at my favorite part. I had big ol' tears telling Daddy, "that's my favorite fart, Daddy."

I still love my B, that's what I call my blanket. And the moment I touch, I can't help but throw my right 2 fingers in my mouth and start sucking. Mommy just doesn't know when that's going to stop. But for now, I think she likes it. I'm a big boy all day, but when I'm tired and cleaned up in my jammies...then I'll sit with mommy and daddy, hold my B, and be oh so little.

I have 2 brothers. They're the best! I follow my Big brother everywhere. We dig dirt together, play in a rock band, tell jokes at lunchtime, talk in bed, and sometimes he's my helper. He helps open my yogurt, find my shoes, and look for my favorite toys like Pat (the hammer) or as I call him {p}Fat. I love when my Big brother plays with me. I wish he would play with me all the time, but sometimes he likes to play by himself. I like to wrestle with him and knock him over when he's not looking. I like to take his shorts out of the bathroom when he's using the potty. This really annoys him. I think it's funny and Mommy thinks I will probably be doing this to him for many, many years to come. My Baby brother can't play much, yet. But I love to hand him toys, turn his light on when he's done napping, and tell him, "it's okay, it's okay" when he gets sad.

It sure is great being 3. I'm sure Mommy will post a super cute picture of me soon. She's busy drowning in laundry and recovering from our busy weekend. It was Easter, too! Wow.

Little Boy


  1. ahhhh.... mamma and pepa sure wish they could be there to spend time with that floppy blonde haired, blue eyed, energetic three year old grandson! L is SO cute! There are no other words! We love you L, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Your post was sweet - I enjoyed reading it :)

  3. Your post shows your mother's heart and love....beautiful memories about fun times. Happy Birthday, Lucas...wow! Amazing! You're 3 today!

  4. I have called many times today...sorry. :) I feel it is the way to connect on little L's birthday and try to be there for you! You are such a great Mother who sees and feels so much for her boys! I love you Julz. Your Momma.

  5. Happy Birthday to Lucas! Being three does make you able to do more things! Love the post, I can just hear Lucas trying to say all that!

  6. Hey Julz, It's funny, I had similar conversations all weekend with my middle niece sammy, who's turning 5. She's looking forward to taking the training wheels off her bike, losing her first tooth, going to kindergarten, and learning to read. She simply CAN'T wait until next saturday ;-) Loved the post, julz!

  7. Happy Birthday L! Looking forward to meeting you some day.
    Good post mommmy!

  8. Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!


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