Happy Earth Day!

Sometimes, actually most times, I think through all my posts. But not this one. I'm just hopin' on and a-typin' away. I've been attempting to arise in the morning well before the sun, shuffle of little feet, and fighting I mean playing together of little hands. This is nearly impossible for me. But I've know for quite awhile that I need to do it and it would bring peace to many of my daily poor habits....impatience, grumpiness, and sometimes even a low self-worth as a mom/homemaker. I've enlisted help. I have a dear friend texting me every morning to arise me, I have to text her back...or then she'll call me. It's working. Amazing what a little accountability will do. She's spunky, joyful, and encouraging all through the little words in a text.

I'm listening to Hope Now by Addison Road. It' s a good one. If I was real techie...I'd link it here for you to listen, but I'm not...so you should go listen to it.

I've been so busy following here and praying for this little guy.

So I was a total green-girl before green was cool. I remember back in high school, I made my family recycle and was convinced in Freeing all the Willy whales to be found. Then I kinda slowly let the interest die. It's slowly coming back, though. A recent small step...I just equipped our kitchen to be 'paper-towel-less'.

I want to see the Earth movie by Disney. Love that it's rated G. I think we'll take the boys. I know my Big Boy would love it.

So I'm not a photographer, but did just get a new camera. I had to get some books at the library to even read the camera's manual. It IS a foreign language to me. I have little interest in actual photography, but a STRONG appreciation for artsy stuff like great pics that represent the true happenings of the picture and the true character of the subject. I need help though. How do I get my pics to load on my blog a little bigger and maybe a little clearer? Shots from my new camera looking nothing like they really look.....when I load them compared to in my photo viewer. Mmmmgh. I do like my new camera, if you were wondering. I have no idea what I'm doing with it, but it gives me an opportunity to get better shots of the family...which is just what I wanted. I guess you can say I want the end product, without the work.

I'm learning to be a better worker.

slowly learning.

We have new mercies every morning. I need them all.


  1. i thought about your rag drawer as I cleaned the bathroom today and wasted 20 paper towels....i need to get on that...love ya tons friend


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