I for sure need to move on from my last post of randomness, slighly depressing thoughts that all seemed to take an end thought on recycling. Don't worry. I've made a mental note to never again post at 6:30 in the morning.

The boys have been having much fun, of course. I'm not sure what else boys do at their age...

The Baby Boy is sitting and playing. Such a cute stage. I sit him back in his room on a rug, with lots of toys. He just sits and plays, sits and plays. He can't sit out in the play family room due to fast moving traffic and his curious spirit that ends up chewing on Hot Wheels. He looks so cute in his room when I peek on him, without him seeing me. Sitting. Playing. Looking. Chewing. I think he enjoys his little moments of alone time.

The Little Boy is riding a bike! So fun. He loves it. I don't think he's quite the avid bike rider that his brother is, but he does just love that he can do something with his big brother, ride bikes!

The Big Boy...well, I'm afraid he's not doing anything too new. But he's always into stuff. Just today he kept asking me for masking tape, I kept handing it out. I finally decided to peek at what he was up to. Of course. He was making a banjo out of buckets, string and newspapers. Of course. He's sure to invent something one day.

Fun. Fun. Speaking of it. The boys are out at a Rodeo tonight. Our friends called and asked to go. Now they're from these'er parts, so I'm certain they're having a great time together. The husband was uncertain what to wear. He tried to change once. Then came out in the kitchen slightly chuckling, back in his original outfit. We concluded together that whatever attire is appropriate to wear to a rodeo, we sure don't own it. And ain't no use actin' like we even know what a rodeo is, we're from the Midwest and much prefer the beach, thank you.

But I'm certain they're having fun.

Yee-haw, ya'll!


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Bri would have been in the same boat as Beau. But his new thing is watching PBR (Pro Bull Riding) on TV??? So we'll see.


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