Why I Love My Husband

With no words, this picture says so much about my husband. He's caring and tender. He's willing to lead our family by serving. He's patient with me, the boys and our family's journey in life. He has a strong committment to people. They do not merely exist to him. They have a story behind their hurts, reasons behind their anger, and lives beyond the computer screens. He seeks people out, to know them, to love them. In the end, our accomplishments, what we own, where we've been, who we know...won't matter. But what can matter is how we allow our lives to be used in others' lives. He is committed to be used for goodness. He values us. I see this in his decisions. Sometimes he doesn't 'go for the gold' at work because he's committed to us at home. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh. What's so pleasant about making another laugh? It's intoxicating. I think about some of my closest friends and laughter is a necessary ingredient within our friendship. Back to him...he puts way too much cereal in his milk and dips his spoon in to eat it, as oppose to scooping a bit. As if, he's eating soup. He gladly eats a naked turkey-cheese sandwich...turkey, cheese, bread. I have always seen him operate on a very sporadic work schedule. I don't know how he does it. Coffee! That's it. He's the coffee drinker of the family. He returned from his first deployment hooked on coffee. How does a pilot operate without it? I can't imagine him having a normal job (if that exists) arriving home at the same time every day in slacks and a dress shirt.

He values my womanhood. He lets me be a woman. He does not expect me to respond to life like a man, and this freedom he shows me has actually aided my pursuit of womanhood more than any book, thought, or prayer. Cause after all, I am a woman. I'm emotional when I don't expect to be. I like communicating with others, often. I can become irrational when the boys are jumping off the swingset. He loves me through each moment, and this enables me to feel powerful as a woman. What beauty.

I love knowing my husband. I love watching him change and become more of the best within him. I respect him.

(And another close shot of the Baby Boy, because one can never post too many pics of a baby. )


  1. He is the cutest little boy ever! Of course I say that about all your little boys.... and Beau.... his smile warms my heart! His heart for Jesus warms my heart. The way he loves you and his boys warms my heart! He is a wonderful son-in-law! I am proud to call him son!


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