Why I Blog

I do believe I'm pushing my blog a step forward, or at least would like to believe so in my little head that writes many unpublished blog posts randomly throughout the day...while standing at the kitchen sink. I like blogging. In a season of life where most all of my time is spent within the 4 walls of my home with 3 small children (boys!) who are loud, messy, warriors, and very uninterested in my introspective thought, blogging gives me outlet. It's a place where I can come to be intellectually challenged by reading (your) great blog. I love hearing stories of other 'mom days' within your 4 walls. I, of course, love to give snapshots of my boys, our life happenings, and other snippets of life. But I also love to give my thoughts on real life topics, yes I do know what's going on outside of our home...even though I don't leave it much. I have a high addiction to run-on sentences, very poor grammar, and have always had a severe dislike of every English class I've ever taken. I'm not suggesting I write well. You've been forewarned. I don't do it well, I know. I'm not trying to submit essays for a grade. That's the freedom in it I suppose. I invite you into my thoughts of just not life as a homemaker, but life as a woman, a daughter, a wife, a sister and a friend. This is just a glimpse of me. Most days, I probably will choose the better glimpses. All in all...still just glimpses. You won't fully know me because you read my blog, but I do hope you know some of me.

I love God. I believe He is truth, and most of what the world offers us is spinning around in lies that overtake our hearts. My husband and I seek Him in all things...decisions, joys, trials, arguments, anger, sadness, confusion. We need Him. He is our constant that doesn't sway, because if all we had was us...then life would only feel like a roller-coaster, and those are only fun for a short while. Life with God is eternally abundant. Not always happy, not without sadness...but peace beyond description. We are committed to raising our boys to be future men of character, of righteousness, of honor, and of love. Men of strong wills, men of truth, and men of tenderness. I currently homeschool our boys. We believe these early years are impressionable years, and so we keep them home. I am not a super-mom. I have many days with yelling, crying, and stamping feet.....by me, not them. I don't stay home because it's easy. I stay home because they're worth it. I am not perfect because I go to church and love God. I love God because I am a mess. And I'm so glad He helps me.

I blog for me. I blog for you. I do think I, also, blog for Him.

My life is real. This is just a glimpse.


  1. okay, LOVE your new blog look, LOVE your thoughts, LOVE the picts, LOVE your writing! (um, remember our book?!) and LOVE you!! :)

  2. Well that was well put :)

  3. julz love the new blog and excited you took the leap of faith to take it a step further. you have so much to share, i'm excited to listen. love ya friend!

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  5. Blog away my friend. I love reading your thoughts. Please be free to just write...No perfect grammer needed. I don't believe the heart speaks in perfect English so all I ask is that you continue to share your heart with me and I will continue to share mine. Miss you!!!

  6. I read your blog.... then I just sit.... and the first and only thought I can think.... for a while... is.... I love you so much my daughter! You lift my soul. You are real, and that is what I love about you! I miss you!


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