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I've written a couple great posts in my head this week. Sadly, I have many posts that begin and end right there between my ears. I get all fired up about some stuff and write, write, write. Usually, by the time I'm ready to put my fingers to the keys....the fire is gone, the issue is no longer relevant, or I've just plain forgotten what I was thinking.

I had much to say about Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards and their less than honorable decision to keep Chris Brown as a nominee. Is there no courage, morality, or integrity? It seems more and more difficult to find. What he did was wrong. In an exploding post-modern world of turning many of life complexities into gray areas to be molded, I do experience sadness when I see this invigorating way of thinking pushed into areas it doesn't belong. Choices have consequences. Accountability is needed. Nonetheless, I've caught word that Chris Brown decided to withdraw his name. Which is no heroic feat to me. I, of course, hope for better days ahead for him and a deep change of heart and character. My disappointment was just deep in the quick decision to keep him a nominee.

I've also been paying minimal attention to President Obama's education proposals. I like what I'm hearing in some regards, specifically allocating more funds toward charter schools. I didn't like the suggestion of longer school years and school days in hopes of our kids keeping up with their counterparts in other countries. I don't see the coorelation. Students who are struggling in school aren't doing so due to short school days. It's much more complex. What I sadly see is the influence and importance of the family in not only a child's life, but his upbringing...I see it growing very dim. The state is not responsible for raising children. The family was designed for this purpose.

I got out of the house last night, all by myself, to roam the shelves of Barnes & Noble. I was exhausted doing it, but needed the break. I could browse books for hours. It's just plain relaxing. I contemplated my introvertedness on the drive over, because at a restaurant directly across from B&N there was a group of girls hanging out for dinner. I was invited. That sounded exhausting. I chose the quietness. I left $120 poorer and loads of new books to open and contemplate. I purchased the new 'boy book' on the shelves,Wild Things . Looks good. I'm sure 80% of it is similar boy stuff every other raising boys book has offered. But I needed something fresh and new. Not to mention, all the great boy tales that I'm sure it's chalked full of which always make my days feel pleasantly normal. I also left with a few new homeschool books and was pleasantly surprised at check-out that they off the 20% Teacher's discount to homeschooling families.

Speaking of homeschooling, I think I'm going to throw a theme on my blog week. My mind is racing with homeschooling thoughts lately as we gear up for kindergarten. I'll share some with you. I apologize if it's an uninteresting topic to ya, but you never know...sadly, most of the average person is stuck in the mid 80s when they picture homeschooling, and don't even know it. Hopefully, I'll give you a small window into our homeschool world. Get ready! We're not the Duggar family. (Though I do like that Michelle, she speaks in a calm voice at ALL times and I don't know how she does it!)


  1. This is why I miss our friendship. You and I have many differing opinions/perspectives yet are so striklingly similar, it's amazing. I wish I could have been with you on your solo date to Barnes and Nobles. I often go there to explore and chastize myself for not bringing my laptop because like you, I often write several blogs in my head, but have a difficult time actually capturing it in my blog! I think we would have had a marvelous discussion that night... Makes me miss you. Oh, and as someone who knew you "way back when" I have to point out that this side of 10 years ago, there would've been NO WAY you would've dropped $120.00 at a bookstore. We only went to Borders to hear Aub's dad sing and drink some coffee... ;-)

  2. I often wonder how Michelle does that as well. I envy the fact that she can be calm at all times.

    Speaking of homeschooling, I was looking into starting some homeschooling with my first born but have not found anything that was a good starting point for me. What kind of books, curriculum, things did you use to get started with the boys for the preschool phase? I realize you are entering the kindergarten time frame but what were you doing to get them prepared for this next step?

    If you wouldn't mind emailing me and letting me know some of your thoughts I would appreciate it greatly. My email address is


  3. I completely identify with writing all day in your head and then crashing before you can get to the computer at night. I'd love to say we'll have more time someday, but I think the challenge is for us to scratch around for extra minutes in our days now to actually get this stuff down, while it's still relevant and fresh. That, on some days, is impossible, but a worthy goal none-the-less.

    I look forward to hearing book recommendations after you've got some reading time with your new materials from B&N, as well as future weekly ruminations about homeschooling.


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