Some Darn Cute Baby Girls

A new blog I've been I wish I snapped pics like these of my babies. New camera soon please!

It's been a hectic morning somehow, I'll break it down for you in numbers.

2 banana bread loaves baked, thanks mom for the tip on lowering the oven rack!

1 brownie eaten for lunch. I must go eat more.

2 nap attempts. Baby boy finally sleeping. I need to take him to the chiropractor for adjustments after getting his shots. I know. I know. We vaccinate, but yes, we also visit the chiropractor.

3 puzzles completed with the Little boy.

4 drawings by the Big boy. This one has just taken off with drawing, out of nowhere, I love it! He draws monster trucks mostly, some wizards and dinosaurs.

3 Bible verses memorized. My bread of life. I need it, though most days I don't choose it.

6 empty bins of toys.

3 books opened and once being read.

1 growling Mommy stomach.

If you'll exuse me...


  1. Another great discussion topic for us in another life; Babies and chiropractors... As one who deals with chiropractors every day a large chunk of my time is spent disproving their treatment practices. We're on opposite sides of this one girl. And amen to getting your kids vaccinated. I know there's a plethera of information pro vs. con for vaccinations, but I would have to side on the Pro-vaccination side of the fence.

    You only at one brownie? ;-)

  2. I worked for a chiropractor for a few months, and a very good one at that - every time a famous band (like journey) came to town, or the spurs needed a chiropractor - he was it. However, during that time and getting treatment myself for free the entire way I was dishearten to both chiropractic care and that particular doctor. I think its addictive but not really helpful, and they love to charge folks money - regardless of weather they truly have a problem or not. If you enjoy it and think it helps than go for it... but I feel I need to share my experiences in this just in case it helps :)

    Oh - and your pictures are great - don't worry bout it! ;)

  3. I didn't even know chiropractors worked on babies...


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