Mamma Was Here

What a quick week! We played, baked, laughed, grocery shopped, painted toes, watched a movie, ordered pizza, and played lots more. I'm convinced I only own couches for nursing, the rest of my time is spent on the floor anyways. It really was a fun week with my Mom. The boys love her spirit and her simplicity in caring for that which matters most to them...dirt and trucks for the Big Boy; playing games and rocking in his band for the Little Boy (or a simple conversation will do); and lots of cuddles for the Baby Boy. I've also decided to be intentional with the journey of improving as a homemaker. So, we made a pie! In Mom's words, "I feel Amish." It was really all Big Boy's idea. He found my rolling pin one day and insisted we bake something where he can use that rolling thing. He used it with pure gladness, but did quit on the pie baking process about 20 minutes into it. In his words, "This is taking too long and hard work, I'm going to go watch TV." Had to chuckle at that one, on so many levels. The pie turned out beautiful, especially in looks. It was tasty as well, but I had to sit in self-pity for a moment as my no-dairy diet kept me from indulging a warm slice aside a scoop of ice-cream.

...until next time Mamma.


  1. Yum! That pie does look beautiful!

  2. Your pie looks beautiful. Thanks for letting me "peek" into your world. Your words last week to me were such an encouragement to me, and so timely. Lots of things have been happening in my journey lately... it's wonderful.

    You're a lovely mamma.

  3. ok, that pie was fun and a lot of work! Like you said Julz.... now you know why they say a home baked apple pie is made with lots of love! I love, cherish, value and soak up every minute with my grandsons! Thank you for giving me freedom to be the Mamma God has created me to be! My greatest journey in life at present.... is Mamma and Grandma Dar! A day with my grandchildren.... (and their parents!) is a good day indeed! Love Mamma!


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