Look at Me! I Sit In A Highchair

It's beyond fun to have a baby. For those of you out there who are pass the baby stage or not quite there in life yet, let me take a moment to refresh you on what you too soon forget....
They immediately get happy when they see you. All smiles.
When you pick them up, in the best way they know how...they squeeze you back and dig their head down in your shoulder.
They look so small when you bathe them in the bathroom sink, no matter how big they're getting.
When they're learning to eat, they get food everywhere and have no idea. They smack the spoon, then touch their face, then rub their shirt...all within seconds. Then look at you and smile.
They can be very busy playing, but turn and look right when they hear familiar voices.
They concentrate so so so hard to pick up that toy that's just out of reach, then once they get it...they unintentionally bump themselves in the face with it.
Then need lots of love, hugs, and kisses.
They let you hold them and rock them.
They feel much safer in their bed if you just reach down and pat their back. It quietens them. They feel safe. They feel loved.
You can't help but pray for them.
We love our baby.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh and oh ahhhhhhhh Little E is so so cute! What a smile. I know another little guy with a great smile that looks so much like that one!
    I am so thankful for your Blog.
    Love Your Momma and Their Mamma

  2. That can't possibly be Eli in that chair. Where is that tiny baby I last saw? He's so big and so precious. What a great smile!

  3. Your son looks so adorable. He sure has gotten big.

    My kids like to rub their hair with the food they just got everywhere and they don't even realize how messy they look. We can't help but laugh.

  4. oh my dear, jula. you've come a long way! glad to hear you're enjoying this baby stage so much, he sure is one cute little guy! i can't wait to see you all in june!!! love to all!


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