Getting To Know Baby Boy

Our Baby Boy is rapidly approaching 6 months. I know! I can't believe it. He's fully of baby cuteness and we're just soaking it all in. His legs are chubby and you can't help but squeeze him. He makes great sounds, coos, ahhs, and is learning all about his lips with raspberries. He has a small piece of hair on the direct top of his head that loves to stick up. He continues to look like a perfect mix of his brothers, but having a complete look all his own at the same time. His eye color still hasn't completely come out yet, and his hair is definitely more dark than light. He knows his Mommy and loves his Daddy. He loves loves loves his Biggest Brother, smiles immediately when he hears his voice and starts looking for him. He's much more cautious with the Little Boy, as he looks around for me when he sees the Little Boy moving toward him. It's kinda funny. He hates his car seat and would much prefer to be held and carried on a hip at all times, so I do. He's starting to reach and grab everything, which makes it harder to cook while holding him. We can't imagine our family without him, and can't wait to get to know him more and more.


  1. Thanks for entering to win! Good luck!

    from one military mama to another! CUTE boys!


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