Many Firsts

Even though the Baby Boy is my third, he's still presents many 'firsts' for me. What a beautiful thing, the constant mystery of our uniqueness!

He's my first 'jumper'. He loves to jump, jump, jump. He's my first to play in this jumpy john thing (what are they called?), also in the saucer, he loves to jump in it rather than spin. And he's my first to sit in a Bumbo! He likes it alright, but doesnt' love it...he'd rather be jumping. So it is a bit too stationary for him. He's my first to take a pacifier. Also, another beautiful thing in a whole different way. He's my first to push me off of eating any dairy, in order to help his little belly and all of our he is finally not screaming at us anymore. Poor thing, all this time...he couldn't take any of the dairy I was eating. I know, I know...some of you told me to try to quit eating dairy and maybe it would help his bellyaches. But I have a strong relationship with my cereal and yogurts; what can I say, what's that word, oh yes...stubborn. Well, now that I've seen the instant effects of his content little spirit due to no dairy, it is really quite easy for me to pass on all dairy.

What a gift! That Baby Boy!


  1. Johnny Jump Up? I think that is it, and he is adorable in that Johnny Thing! I am almost there!


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