Language Lesson

The Big Boy is very into creating words. Out of nowhere, if he can't summon up the correct word for his sentence...he just creates one. I love it. And the Little Boy has never been shy when it comes to his verbal skills. If you want to make it in this house, you may need a few lessons first:
  • abba-dabba: noun. game played when you're waving black stick in the air, pointing it at things, then screaming abba-dabba. Used by Little Boy. "You wanna play abba-dabba?"
  • splunkered: verb. when removing toys from toy basket very quickly, causing lots of noise when Baby Boy is sleeping. Used by Big Boy. "Sorry Mommy, those toys just splunkered everywhere."
  • bizarg: noun. instrument played most often in our home, has strings, use a pick to strum it....unless you're the Little Boy, then you use a black vacuum stick attachment. "Ya hear my bizarg, mommy!?"

I knew I'd start this post, get sleepy and forget the 17 words they made up today. Let's leave it at that, and be prepared to receive my random future inserts of words.

The Husband is flying late, so I'm up way too late waiting for him...when I should be sleeping. And my kitchen is still a mess. I said I'd clean it tomorrow cause I'm way too tired and going directly to bed once the boys are asleep. This was the conversation in my head. But somehow, I haven't even stepped foot in the bedroom and I'm sitting in front of the computer. Argghh! The wasted hours this computer robs from me.

Going to bedroom now. Saying good-night to the messy kitchen.


  1. This is just the information I need before I arrive. I love LOVE chatting with the boys and being able to understand what they are talking about, and listening to their thoughts! I am almost there! :) Was going to call you last night on my way home from babysitting..... forgot my phone at brands. I had a feeling you were up. Hugs!

  2. may see it as wasted time...I see it as getting a little peek into my other daughter's life. Miss you, sweetie!

    Mama Morgan

  3. I love made up words. I wish at times that I could leave behind the rules of English and spend a day speaking "child". Even though miles seperate us, your boys still make my heart smile. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. cute! my kids do that too. today while reading a book with a skunk in it, cate said, "that's not a skunk mommy, i call that a pither" so funny. :)

  5. oh yes we have our own vocab here as well. M's newest is instead of Oh my gosh it is "Oh my gicker!"

    and Miss T says "duck" to everything and for every answer.

    Miss K says "abby abby abby" over and over and over. we don't know an Abby.

  6. had to add a couple words:

    'mas'...little boy uses it randomly to address me

    'dootie'...little boy says it with a cute smirk when we're asking him to do something; he thinks this way he doesn't have to listen. sometimes it works.


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