Welcome Monday!

I have to choose faith over feeling with every Monday. The introspective side of me wants to wallow in the sorrow of the weekend closing and just let the day slip by. But it stinks that way. It stinks for my heart, my boys, and my husband. I must choose it to be a good day and leave the self-pity in the drain with my toothpaste spit.

We school hard on Mondays. I take no excuses from the boys, or me. And like I've already established, it's mostly me with the excuses. This morning was full of wipeboard letter practice. I was so proud of the Big Boy. He's improving leaps and bounds on his confidence with writing. Fine motor skills are definitely not his strong suit, and the moment he senses a bit of struggle or weakness within himself...he shuts down, kapooot, 'earth to Big Boy'.....rejoin us here. The Little boy made his first attempt at writing his name today, and told me each of the letters. Next, we dove into our new library books...some dinosaurs, a Bob the Builder story, space, the making of the automobile. This slowly led to the floor, elbow deep in our dino bin and rolling masking tape into tiny ovals for the dinosaur eggs. Oh where the Big Boy's imagination daily takes us! Soon, a little snack time, a Bible story, chatting, and then the Baby Boy awakened. This is when all things come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, nursing time lately corresponds exactly with Sid the Science Kid on PBS. What a fun show, we honestly learn something every time!

Well, I must move on now and I regretfully have to inform my winter snow friends of the pleasant breeze blowing amidst the house from the open windows!

sigh. Mondays can be good.


  1. You had me until the pleasant breeze blowing through your open windows. I would rather hear all about the boys, but know I am delighted for you and your breeze my dear daughter. I hope your Monday is a good one. I love Mondays.... they are all mine! Well usually. This month they involve heavy book work, but this too shall pass. Very proud of the Boys!! Can't wait to see their schooling in action! Hugs! Big Fat Ones!

  2. open windows sounds delightful!

  3. I love reading about you guys. We miss you so much!

  4. Enjoying Florida breezes through
    the open lanai windows!! It was
    80 yesterday while we were enjoying
    dinner outside among the palm trees
    with Beau at the Anna Maria Oyster
    Bar....had a great time with him
    and talking to the boys on the phone about the shark Poppy caught.
    Wish you were all here!

  5. see, julz...you're a writer. lets write a book together, you write and i'll take pictures! great post, i often feel the same way, but don't say it quite so eloquently. :)


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