Snot and Spit Up

I've been mourning all this time about the Buckeyes' lost. No, not really. I got over it and moved on rather quickly to my exciting life of snot and spit up. Much of it happening at the same time due to my spitting 4 month old getting a nasty cold. Yum-O!

I've realized lately in order to post anything to all (3) of my readers, I must decide prior to getting on the computer that I will not be reading emails nor checking others' blogs (sorry), but simply posting on mine. If I do all that, I never get time to post before the big boy needs me to answer his questions, the little boy needs me to pull his pants up after peeing, and the baby boy, well, just simply needs me.

Speaking of the boys, I must share insight into the mind of my Big Boy. He's a thinker, man. Always. Thinking. Solving. Wondering. The other day I was walking past the bathroom, I glanced in and saw him standing and peeing. No new event. The peculiar part... he was leaning forward over the potty, balancing just so carefully, flushing with one hand, and lifting up the back of the toilet with the other hand...peeking inside. All the while, still standing there...pants down.

"What ARE you doing?" (confused momma)

"I just wanna see how this thing works when I flush my pee-pee down. Just where does it go and how does it work."

I honestly didn't laugh at first. I was so stunned at his line of thinking. Wow.

Now, I laugh.


  1. Hey sweetie... my home page changed, yeah! B.... Just love him to pieces.... I am laughing also about the pee and the toilet! I can just see him! How fun that little L is also using the big boy toilet! Can't wait to see you in February!

  2. I just noticed the subject of your new post! It is pretty funny! You are loved my dear. You know not every Momma could use that as a subject. Not all are at home taking care of such wonderful subjects as snot and spit up! You are blessed. Your gonna miss these snot and spit up days! Promise! Still... a post that made me just smile! I had to read it again... I read every thing again and again about my grandsons... even if it is about pee, snot and spit up! Ha!


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