Onion Goggles!

I have no sisters, but have been graciously given wonderful friends and 2 marvelous sister-in-laws. I was chatting with one the other day on the phone and she informed me she was wearing one of her Christmas presents, onion goggles! Have you heard of these? I didn't know such a thing even existed. I insisted she send me a picture. Isn't she lovely? Even in onion goggles.
Thanks for being a good sport, HJ.


  1. Thats hilarious. As silly as they look, I need a pair! I never chop onions because I am so sensitive to them. :) fun stuff

  2. Ok... now this is why we love Heidi! So funny!

  3. HAAHAAA!!! LOVE it!! I need a pair too! :0)

  4. oh my gosh! i totally need a pair these days. onions never used to bother me, but now- do they ever!

  5. this is my home page. I have enjoyed every time I open it up, there is the cutest Mom with her onion glasses on. I want to know what she is cooking up?


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