My heart is still hurting.

It's my clear assumption that last night you were either a Longhorn fan or you were rooting for the Buckeyes. Maybe not a Buckeye Fan, but definitely rooting for them. If you're not a college football fan (why not?), the drama behind this game can only be understood by being a fan all season. Texas almost was in the National Championship because they almost went undefeated because they almost beat Texas Tech and were almost in the Big 12 Championship. Ohio State has been in a BCS bowl game more than any other team, and their last 2 games were embarassing, to say the least.

I don't know what you saw last night, but what I saw was committment, heart, and perseverence. Yeah, they didn't win. But they played as a team, every play, committed to each other and their will to win. Texas didn't win that game, Colt McCoy played to his perfection and brought his team to victory. Kinda boring if you ask me.

Texas almost did alot this season, and even with a victory last night, they came up short again. They almost embarassed OSU once again. They almost stole the scarlet hearts of Buckeye Nation. And they almost made us quit cheering. Almost.


  1. I love you, Julz! Not only because you are an amazing wife and awesome mother who lives out her faith...but also because you understand the meaning behind a good football game. I must admit, at times it's hard to concentrate when you provide "mid-play" commentary. However, you are so in-tune with the game, you should be on the sideline. But don't plan on it...cause I intend on keeping you right next to me on the couch!

  2. We are still cheering over here! I-O!!! And I'm laughing at Beau's comment on your "mid-play" commentaries. Why am I not surprised?

    p.s. you should apply for the stay at home mom sports commentator for ESPN. I heard they are looking for someone sweet.

  3. Beau has me smiling real big! I love you two! I love watching college football with you two because I learn so much and it is fun! If L is up... he stands with feet wide apart and announces that FOOTBALL IS ON... and continues to stand right in front of the TV... that is one of my favorite parts!!! Ha.
    Julz "mid-play" commentary.... I have been around for that... the best part is Beau does his very best to concentrate and listen to Julz! You know I am not a season sport fan, I don't even know the names. Just Chris Wells because our family sports his number and it was Brands High School Number. I am such a Mom and Grandma aren't I!!
    :) Actually I love to watch OSU.. because we are in OHIO and Brandon attended and all of our boat dock lives in Columbus and wears Red all the time... so we better know something! Aubrey... I love your comment about the stay at home commentator! You Rock Julz! Love Your Momma

  4. Julz,
    I had the blessed fortune of having tickets to the game- on the 50 yard line, no less. and feel exactly as you do. It was a FANTASTIC game. While I'm Buckeye at heart, I'm also a bit of a Longhorn fan. It was great to witness outstanding football, and when I left the stadium, I was a little tired, but my heart was full. ;-)


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