What I Would Have Been Posting in December

Enjoying family time.

Potty-training the little boy. It's done! Only 1 left in diapers.

Decorating the house.

Undecorating the house. I love hanging the Christmas trimmings with Christmas music playing, football on TV, and soup in the crockpot. But the day after Christmas, I'm just ready for it to all be taken down. It takes up so much of our play area. Also, with the increase in toys paired with my mild obsession of organizing...I can only stare at toys for so long before they are placed in a bin and slapped with a label.

A New Year's Eve date with my hubbie. We've taken to enjoy morning/afternoon dates together. I'm much more alert and we can take the baby boy along with us and he's much less fussy. The 3 of us hung out all of New Year's Eve day together....shopping, nursing in dressing rooms, and eating a gourmet Macaroni Grill lunch in our car. I stepped inside to see how long the wait was...but the white tablecloths and loads of people enjoying an intimate lunch didn't seem to mix with our unnapped baby boy. Lunch in the car was beautiful, especially since baby boy had fallen asleep by then.

Much excitement for my bro and sister in law, at Christmas they found out their 4th child will indeed be a baby girl! How exciting! My parents will have 7 grandchildren; their very first was a girl and then boy, boy, boy, boy, boy...

The drastic difference between the big boy and the little boy opening their Christmas gifts. The little boy enjoys the process, opening them and chatting about them. The big boy wants the task completed...open, throw to the side, open, throw to the side, open....

How our baby boy has a huge liking toward quiet time with Mommy and Daddy. No matter how tired he is, he will not go to bed until his brothers are in bed, the house is quiet, and he receives one more nursing (the only quiet one all day). Babies are so sweet.

Tonight's bowl game of Utah vs. Alabama should be Utah vs. Ohio State. I have a big disagreement with Ohio State receiving the Fiesta Bowl slot against Texas, and I wish it was Texas vs. Alabama. This would take a whole post to explain, but know I'll be watching the Fiesta Bowl with one eye shut, head turned to the side, as if 'I just can't watch'.

A joyful Happy New Year to you!


  1. HI! Oh I am so glad you are back... knowing your are my home page and I needed a change! You are loved so much! and... you are so funny about college football! I actually enjoy watching a game now and then... you and Beau have broken me in. God Bless all of you in the coming year. Your Momma.

  2. So good to see some new photos! Good grief! Baby boy looks so big and SO much like his brothers. I am so happy for you all. I hope this New Year brings us all together again.

    Much love to you and those 4 handsome men.

    Mama M.

  3. YEAHHHH!!! Missed all of you!!! <3

  4. So your back to blogging and I'm new to joining :) My how your family has grown over these few short years! Its good to see pictures and read some stories of you all... quite some time since the 'Ol Bayshore days eh? :)

  5. I love seeing pictures of you guys. Eli is so big and you look great! We sure miss you guys!


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