Small Break

I've officially gone on a blog break. I have zero time to be updating our blog and have decided the guilt of not posting anything can easily be removed by simply declaring a 'break'. Christmas music has already started being played down here in our home. This small town midwest girl can still never get used to hearing Christmas music in shorts, flip-flops and no fireplace. But anyhoo, what a joyous time of year! My parents head in next week for Thanksgiving. During their visit, we will be eating (of course!), watching college football (of course) and getting out all the Christmas deco. What fun. We will not be heading north for Christmas, but enjoying it together in our home. After 6 years of marriage, 4 moves, and 3 babies...I think maybe finally my home actually feels like 'home'.

So, I plan on returning to my blog world after Christmas. In the meantime, I have gifts to make and much family laughter to be had......

Don't worry, I'll return full force with many pics of our Christmas season. Enjoy yours!


  1. Smart Woman! I would agree with your about the Christmas - Flip Flop issue.... although... Kenny does say.... alls he wants for Christmas is a real good tan! ;) I remember dancing around our family room with Brody in my arms to that song! Love you. See you Soon.

  2. You have acute blog and adorable sons. follow one of my favorite blogs "Lisa Writes." I hope to be back after your break.

  3. Hey Julz... your background has changed to dark gray.... did you make this change? Mom


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