My New Kicks

My dear sweet hubbie took me shopping. Shopping with 3 children, one being a newborn, is done on the computer. So off we went to How do they get all those shoes shipped to you so quick? I love this place. Anyways, back to the hubbie. He offered me a new pair of shoes as a gift. Call it what you will. I call it my "I just delivered a 3rd baby, yippee for me, I'm tired, my hair is in desperate need of a cut, I have no clothes that fit me, and picking out a pair of shoes that fit no necessity in my life just feels good" gift.


  1. hey that is what I was going to say.... very cute. Love Your Momma

  2. No surprise that he knows exactly what you need! I have a son-in-law like that too!! Lucky us!

    love you all,,
    Mama M

  3. Hey very nice. What kind are those? I have never heard of Way to go Mr. H.

  4. I LOVE Zappos! They once sent me the wrong shoes, and I didn't have to make a call, the right ones were sent immediately along w/ a $25.00 gift card!!!

  5. ive never heard of Zappos! cool!!


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