Reality Sets In

Just minutes after posting....

B, out of nowhere, asks me, "When is Christmas?" I respond informing him that it is in December after Thanksgiving. He then asks, "What is Christmas about?" My heart warms with glee as I give him a thought out beautiful answer on the birth of Jesus and what fun it is to give gifts at Christmas time, and remember last year all we gave to was so fun.....and you helped Mommy bake....and....

He's looking at me as if I'm speaking a foreign language to him.

He says confidently, "No it's not, Mom. Christmas is when L and I get lots of gifts from you and Daddy."



  1. Yah... duh Mom! How cute! I love that boy! He is so real! B has already started a list for Mamma, did you not get the memo! :))))))))))) Just remember.... your boys will always come back to your teachings.

  2. I love it... Sounds like something I would've said. ;-)


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