Big Boy B

Like most all things he learns to do, he basically teaches himself and decides when he'll do it. Last night, he decided to ride his bike with no training wheels! Wow. He's off and moving...


  1. What a big Boy! Way to go B!!!!

  2. I keep watching this video over and over and over again! Take another!!! What was the Road Work Ahead sign for? :)

  3. wow, i cant even imagine what its like, well i can, but it blows my mind that wesley will be riding a bike someday!

  4. there are no leaves anywhere. so weird to me.

    i did the same thing as 'b' ! well, i think so at least. i *pretended* i didn't have training wheels on my bike for a bit and then told my dad when to take them off. i didn't really have any spills. so cool to see i am not a nut.

    great job man!

  5. still watching... and loving it!


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